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Anna Renae Wins Place On Willow Sound Music Business Course

Congratulations to Anna Renae who has won a place on the Willow Sound online music business course which commences February 15th. a huge thank you to Willow Sound for offering one free place on the course to our readership.

Anna's name was drawn as the winner from a large number of artists from around the world who entered the draw. A big thank you is extended to everyone who contacted us and were entered into the draw.

With a special focus on education, Willow Sound provides full A&R services to fully understand the business of music while empowering the artist in becoming the CEO of their own music enterprise.

Together with its network of service providers, Willow Sound partners with the artist providing the support and guidance they need to understand what it means to be "indie" in this new music industry while strategizing the most effective ways to Create. Capture. Connect™ their music with the world and become successful Musicpreneurs.

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➡ Online Music Business Series

➡ There is no magic formula to making a sustainable living with your music - but you can have an individual plan that actually works for YOU.

➡ This course will equip you with the understanding you need to navigate today's music industry and become a successful "musicpreneur" doing what you love!

➡ Demystify the music business and alleviate the frustrations of figuring out the "best way" to get your music out there.

The series is divided into three courses: The Business of Music (foundations of business and how they relate to the music industry) It's All About The Song (all things songwriting and publishing) Building Your Audience (marketing principles, radio, streaming)

Anna Renae is a pop/folk singer-songwriter, weaving musical stories inspired by life’s complexities. Having roots in Lancashire and Northumberland, England, Anna graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2017 with a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Popular Music. She now lives in Hampshire, where her musical career has begun to bloom.

Her debut album ‘Skin’ was released on 20th March 2020 which features songs written between the ages of 13-21, telling stories that encapsulate many aspects of Anna’s teenage and early adult life. The album has received wonderful reviews and has attained radio play around the world.


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