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Anitta Continues To Bring The Brazilian Funk With 'Joga Pra Lua'

By Megan Routledge.

Anitta is more than ready for summer in Brazil and bringing the heat and funk to the world! The global star is releasing her last single of the year, “Joga pra Lua”, in collaboration with producers Pedro Sampaio and DENNIS. It’s Brazilian Funk bringing together three of the genre’s stars in another mega-dance “batidão” (big beat).


“I really threw myself into funk in 2023. Finishing the year with this song is very special for me”, says Anitta. “I've had this chorus stuck in my head for months... It’s delicious. It’s so summer! I love it! Anyone who’s watched Tiktok in The Mix knows what I’m talking about. It makes you want to start dancing immediately!”


With lyrics entirely in Portuguese, “Joga Pra Lua” throws the listener into a warm and seductive atmosphere. Like someone flirting in a baile funk, Anitta sings in the first verse: “From afar I spotted you / I was in tune / I tripped / Wanting that little mouth”.


“I love collaborating with other artists. And I think it's wonderful when that harmony leads to one, two or more collaborations... ‘Joga pra Lua’ celebrates my musical connection with these boys. We’ve done other works together and it was incredible”, says Anitta.


“Joga pra Lua” was written by Anitta, Pedro and DENNIS along with songwriters Gabriel Cantini (Kevinho’s collaborator) and Shylton Fernandes (Pabllo Vittar and Zé Felipe). Sonically, the single mixes funk carioca with electronic music. This perfect match was signed by Pedro Sampaio and DENNIS. It also samples "Uva", a track composed by Fernando Os and performed by Brazilian funk group Os Saradinhos."


Pedro Sampaio, who has already collaborated with Anitta on hits such as “No Chão Novinha” and “Dançarina Remix”, echoes this feeling. “Working with Anitta and DENNIS is always a pleasure. They’re artists I admire, I get a lot of inspiration from them”, he says.


DENNIS is credited as one of the producers of Anitta's album “Versions of Me” (2022). He also produced the recent single “MONSTRÃO”, released last month.


A visualizer will arrive on Anitta’s YouTube channel on Monday (December 18th) at 11 am (Brasília Time — BRT). The chemistry between the trio of artists also shines in the audiovisuals. Set against a backdrop that refers to the lunar soil, the video features dance as its main element. Ohana Lefundes, one of Anitta’s stage dancers, interacts with the singer in a modern choreography full of sensuality. “I love the result. My dance with Ohana is beautiful, super artistic. I also had a lot of fun with Pedro and DENNIS on the set!.”


Shot in the beach town of Arraial do Cabo, in Rio de Janeiro, the visualizer was directed by Anitta herself, in partnership with the creative team at GINGA Pictures, who have previously collaborated with her on music videos such as “Funk Rave”, “Boys Don't Cry” and “El Que Espera”.


Anitta first teased the new song this past weekend, during her showstopping performance at the TikTok In The Mix concert, in Phoenix and was broadcast globally. In the performance, she also teased snippets of forthcoming new songs such as “Grip” and “I Wanna F”, and “BELLAKEO”, her recently released duet with Peso Pluma.



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