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A Conversation With Canadian Indie Folk Collective The Olympic Symphonium

Photo Credit: Kyle Albright

Douglas McLean met with Graeme Walker and Kyle Cunjak, members of Canadian collective The Olympic Symphonium to discuss the release of two new singles called Beauty in the B-Sides – Singles for his latest Sound Cafe Podcast, 'Backstage'.

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE

Formed in 2005, in Fredericton, New Brunswick, as a side project to explore song writing styles that didn’t work in their other bands at the time, Nick Cobham, on guitar, Kyle Cunjak on bass and guitar, and Graeme Walker, on guitar and bass, began recording soon after. Joined by Dennis Goodwin on lap steel, guitar, and banjo, the band has added five successful albums to their catalogue.

The Olympic Symphonium have been trudging through the murkier depths of the Canadian music stream since 2005. The band has crafted a full, lush sound that is entirely their own. A sound that features emotional musical flourishes, soaring harmonies that float in and out, and dramatic lyrical content. It is the sound of a strange and beautiful tension. Whether it's the complexity of family life, the inevitability of death, the mundanity of life on the road, or struggles with mental illness, each band member writes with their own life experiences in mind and combines those with that of the other members in a Voltron like fashion to form one strong and varied body of work. Four become one to create a singular vision and sound. It's the sound of a band not afraid to go deep into the darkness, to go against the current and swim upstream.


Look At Her Now

The Execution (feat. Drew Jurecka)

How to Be (feat. Tim Crabtree)


The Middle

Glory of Love

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE


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