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Western Australia Singer-Songwriter Jamie Mac Is Bursting With Pride To Release Her Debut Album

By Stevie Connor.

Committed to pulling down the barriers of limited thinking and personal resistance, singer-songwriter, Jamie Mac, is bursting with pride to release her debut album, The Twisted Tales We Tell Ourselves. She is so grateful to her community in and around Fremantle, WA, and to her Sydney supporters, who contributed to the crowdfund that she set up in March 2022.

Now she presents eight songs that give you a sense of who and what she is as a musician and person. "Lyrics have always played the biggest role in music for me. That's where I get to know the singer-songwriter who is behind the music and gain insight into how they interpret the world around them. That's how I feel close to them and the music. I'm so thrilled to be seen through these songs I have written, and now recorded!"

Giving these recordings textural depth are the members of her band Yoann Degioanni on keys, Lyric Duckett on bass, Max Carter on drums and producer, from Sundown Studios, Elliot Smith.

Exploring themes rich and universal; from self-love to connection with nature, from lost love to challenging social paradigms, Jamie Mac gives you: The Twisted Tales We Tell Ourselves.

Singer-songwriter Jamie Mac is a heartfelt storyteller from Fremantle, Western Australia. Her original music is a fusion of folk, jazz and rock, reminiscent of artists such as Joni Mitchell, Jeff Buckley and Fiona Apple. Her repertoire includes a vast collection of original compositions as well as an extensive body of cover songs spanning all genres ranging from the 50s until now.

In the last decade, Jamie has studied contemporary music at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and completed a songwriting degree at Sydney's JMC Academy. During this period, she released her debut EP ‘Island in the City’.

Since then, she has released another single 'Smell The Dirt', which is available on all streaming platforms. With her own band, she's been working tirelessly to create her debut album, 'The Twisted Tales We Tell Ourselves', with Elliot Smith at Sundown Studios.

Surrendering to discomfort, she’s committed to pulling down the barriers of limited thinking and personal resistance. Jamie double dares you to pop those bubbles in your own mind!

Jamie says of this single release, "The three vivid colours of the Kimberley pour into my mind as I close my eyes and think of them. Blue meets blue across the horizon, healthy greenery thrives under the raw heat of the sun, and the striking colour of Pindan, the red soil up there, stretches farther than my mind can fathom.

In July of 2021, I was in need of healing and some serious soul recalibration. Broome and its surroundings held me in a stillness that I’ll cherish forever. It's like... it doesn't move.... like its roots are so deeply entrenched in time and I am witness to a place that has and will be this way for thousands and thousands of years... like a photograph that will never fade.

This song, Pindan, is a conversation with nature. If you listen to its lyrics, you’ll hear the curiosity and frustrations of a girl asking the ocean, the trees, and the land for some solace in a time of distress.

We are a reflection of our environment. It seems the faster the world gets, the faster we humans race. Our nervous systems, our minds, our lives seem to be going at a rate we can't keep up with. From that I think we all need solace.

Sadly, I believe that if Mother Nature could speak, she would be asking for some solace too. If not for comfort and consolation (which she so readily gives to us when we ask for it), then at least some consideration.

She speaks in this song. She asks us to listen, as she does to us."


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