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Welsh Indie Label SWND Records Release Acoustic-Folk Collective 3 Bucket Jones' Fifth Album

SWND Records is proud to announce the release of acoustic folk, smart-pop collective 3 Bucket Jones’ fifth album ‘Catch My Breath’.

3 Bucket Jones is a songwriting collective centred around the musical talents of Gitika Partington and Andy McCrorie-Shand.

‘Catch My Breath’ started evolving at the beginning of 2019. It has taken some time to come to fruition as life took a turn for the sad and unusual. The new album has been written and recorded remotely by Andy and Gitika and produced by Gitika.

It is a mixture of melancholic, thoughtful, nostalgic pieces including a new reimagining of ‘Love My Way’ by the Psychedelic Furs produced by Matt Glaseby. The vocoder lurks in many a track under layers of Gitika’s vocals (how can anyone hate the vocoder?) and the album features a generous helping of Andy’s beautiful lyrical piano. It has been mixed virtually by some incredible mixing and mastering engineers – Matt Glasbey, Lukas Drinkwater and Katie Tavini.

The evolution of 3 Bucket Jones started at a songwriting retreat at Monnow Valley Studio in September 2013. Gitika, Andy and Garry Hughes immediately gelled, and they wrote their first song in a day. They decided there and then to form a band and set about writing songs for an album.

A self-titled debut album '3 Bucket Jones' was released in 2014. The eclectic collection of songs covers a wide range of styles that has been described as folktronica, shoegaze, moody pop, acoustic meets electro, lo-fi and ambient indie. Album was well received with songs getting regular airplay on a selection of radio stations.

Highly anticipated second album 'Take These Ghosts' was released on 8th July 2016. The album has received critical acclaim with the music garnering comparisons to the likes of Björk, Kate Bush and even Sgt. Pepper. The album received regular airplay with tracks being segued next to Dave Gilmour, Kate Bush and Antony and the Johnsons. The 3 Bucket Jones collective continued to evolve and personnel change. Garry Hughes left to pursue other projects and guitarist Bruce Knapp joined the fold. In 2016 the new line up embarked on their first UK tour with the help of 5 members of the world class Tredegar Town Band and over 300 singers from across the land.

Gitika and Andy announced at the beginning of 2017 that they were planning to release a single each month for a year. First single 'Place in My Heart' was released in March 2017 and final track 'Stop for The Kiss' appeared in February 2018. All the tracks were brought together on 'The Singles 2017-2018' album released in May 2018.

Buoyed by the addition of new recruit Ali Orbaum together with more airplay on BBC Radio 6, the band gigged for a while and a fourth Live album was recorded in Auntie Molly’s Front Room with filmed excerpts on their YOUTUBE channel.

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