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Vancestock XI An Annual Fundraiser For Trails Youth Initiatives - One Day Of Music And Giving

Vancestock XI

An annual fundraiser for Trails Youth Initiatives, takes place this upcoming Saturday, September 17, 2022. Doors open at 1 pm and the show will run from 2 pm until 5 pm.

Vancestock XI is a day of music and charity fundraising.


Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar

Conor Gains

Sisters & Brothers

Other Special Guests

Trails Youth Initiatives is an organization that supports some of Toronto’s most vulnerable youth. To learn more about Trails, visit their website or check out this promotional video. It not only provides insight into the work of Trails, but also provides a wonderful visual tour of the Trails Lakeside property, where this year's event takes place.

Event Summary.

Date: Saturday, September 17

Time: Doors open at 1PM, Show runs from 2PM – 5 PM

Location: Trails Lakeside (Outdoors) – 15599 Warden Avenue, Stouffville, ON

Details: BYOC&B (bring your own chair and beverages)

What Are Five Reasons To Donate To Vancestock XI Today?

In addition to obtaining a tax receipt for any donations over $20 which will help cut your tax bill, there are many reasons to donate to Vancestock XI.

You will:

Have access to a pretty awesome concert and a day of fun, lakeside!

See and reconnect with friends and colleagues. Enjoy a day of music with performances by talented musical artists. Help shape the future of inner city youth through the “Four Seasons, Four Years" Program which instills practical skills, relevant knowledge, and the self confidence to use them.

Whatever your reason, please help reach the fundraising goal of $30,000 and donate now.

100% of donations will go directly to Trails' programs.


The Performers.


Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar are a two time Juno-nominated 10 piece soul band from Toronto, Canada.

Samantha Martin is the lead singer, songwriter and focal point of the group. A dynamic front woman, she possesses a stunning voice that is capable of summoning up tidal waves of spine-tingling emotion in one instance while delicately bringing out the nuances of a gut-wrenching lyric in the next.

While Martin is a powerhouse unto herself, the vocal alchemy of Delta Sugar is not the work of a single talent. In combination with what she likes to term her “co-vocalists,” the vocal blend that Delta Sugar produces is pure, unadulterated gospel-tinged, neuron-tingling magic where the sum is even richer than the already soul-melting parts.


Conor Gains is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer makes music that evolves freely because it has been crafted outside of the box — effortlessly synthesizing the unmistakable warmth of Classic Soul and Modern R&B, with the soaring melodies of Psychedelic Southern Rock and Pop, and bound together with the precision of an artist with an ear for Jazz.

Opening Act:

Sisters and Brothers, back for their 10th consecutive Vancestock, are a group of wonderfully talented musicians (Logan Cooper and Jessica Charendoff and their siblings).

Why Does Trails Need Your Help Now More Than Ever?

The youth who benefit from Trails Youth Initiatives are, by the very nature of the charity, “at-risk-youth.” Two-and-a-half years of COVID and related stressors has increased these risks dramatically.

Many of the youth at Trails are members of visible minority communities.

Consistently there are events in Canada and the US that shine a bright light on the challenges facing visible minorities and vulnerable youth.

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