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UK Chart Topping Ghost Hunter Jack Rose Gets Spiritual Guidance for New Release ‘Overdrive’

Chart topping music act and ghost hunting TV host Jack Rose got more than he was expecting when searching for the ghost of Great Train Robber Robert Welch at Shrewsbury prison. Within minutes of arriving, it was as though all his electronic items had taken on a life of their own with his beloved iPhone playing his then-u single Overdrive, repeating the lyrics “Take me to another dimension… Only you can make me come alive…”.

Inspired, Rose performed the song at his next performance to acclaim. It was then Rose knew it had to be his next release.

The single is set to propel Jack to his third chart topper with his last two releases both landing him on the Official UK Music Week Commercial Pop Top 10, and has already enamoured his 200,000+ followers fanbase and by the sounds of things, new fans from another plain altogether…

When Jack isn’t working on his music, he hosts the Amazon TV series Ghost Hunting with Jack Rose where – joined by a celebrity guest – he braves the UK’s most haunted sites. With phones always off over the course of filming, the message came as a shock to the star and crew. If calls from an unknown number are one thing, a message from the other side is another thing entirely.

With Shrewsbury Prison once housing the notorious train robber Robert Welch, could Overdrive have been the spectre’s call for a return to the plain of the living? Was the phantom looking to trade literal bars for lyrics ones?

Between its haunting vocals, otherworldly pop production, and lyrics that have taken on an (after)life of their own, it is no wonder that fans have latched on to the club scene’s next big hit. With Jack Rose having the front and back covers of Music Week magazine, being championed by the Official Charts Company as “The One to Watch”, and 3.3+m views all under his belt at the age of 19, it’s clear there’s no need to wear Rose tinted glasses: This Rose is real, now and is happening…

Fans can stream Overdrive on all digital platforms via DeeVu records now but beware – it’s to die for!

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