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Toronto's Suns Of July Release New Single 'Mother' from Upcoming Album

Suns of July are a perfect representation of retro 80’s and 90’s tradition with a modernized flare. With all three members of the band being childhood friends (two of whom are brothers) we are met by a passionate group of guys whose aim is to share their music through their ability to connect with the past and the present. Set in the heart of Toronto and recognized for their incredibly well received previous single “Beautiful You Are”, which has garnered over 100,000 audio streams to date, the band aims to continue to expand its audience and be a representation of mature musical creatives making a difference.

Their new album “Hello People” will release on May 19th; but first comes the single “Mother”. With their musical influences ranging from Duran Duran, Oasis, and The Killers, it is to no surprise that this trio creates such buzz through their music. Combining melodic guitar riffs, infections drum grooves and inspired lyrical concepts, Suns Of July bring an essence of familiarity in its most current form; to which their newest single, “Mother” bears testament.

"This song is directly honouring the memory of our late mom, Lolita. It was written two months after her passing. The first few play throughs of the song were extremely difficult, but the process helped us cope with their loss. Our mom was a very gentle and courageous person with a perpetual air of elegance. We tried to capture this with in the arrangement; the quiet, understated introduction and the aggressive conclusion accented with acoustic violins."

Written to celebrate the life of their late mother, the song explores both love and bereavement in their most relatable forms. “Mother” expresses its emotional prominence through its delicate arrangement and slow build in depth, alongside its simplistic narrative of the relationship between a mother and child which proves to withhold a true nostalgic feel.




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