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Toronto-Based Singer-Songwriter Frank Patrick Releases New Album

Frank Patrick has just released his new album on May 28th, 2021 called The Almighty We, which includes the single Mercy he released earlier this year, that single helped raise funds for the frontline workers of Toronto.

Frank says of the album, "Many of the songs on this recording were born out of the isolation, the personal and global action and reaction to this life altering pandemic; the fear fuelled racism, and the political and economic corruption we have faced and witnessed. Other songs were born out of the soul searching journeys for truth, understanding and clarity for my relationships with life learning love."

Frank continues, "The title track (and second single/video), 'The Almighty We' came pouring through after witnessing the public murder of George Floyd - watching and feeling it catalyze a massive call to action. A call for a sense of oneness to share this planet. The grace, sensitivity and enthusiasm of all the musicians on the entire album are indeed its lifeblood."

Frank has toured Canada, the US and Europe and has shared the stage with countless artists including Buffy St. Marie, Kevin Breit (Norah Jones), Cyril Neville (Neville Brothers), Jonathan Best (David Byrne) and Dr. Timothy Leary. The former lyricist, co-writer and lead vocalist of Zombo Zombo, he also toured as part of the music ensemble in the Dora Award-winning ‘Sable/Sand’ with Dancemakers.

In 2007, Frank Patrick won the OCFF (Ontario Council of Folk Festivals) ‘World Music Song of the Year’ for ‘Believe’, and ‘The Man Who Walks Alone’ was chosen for the ‘Diaspora for Africa’ international compilation CD. His song ‘Boneyard Road’ was also runner-up for the 2008 OCFF ‘Blues Song of the Year’. All the songs are from his album ‘Worlds In Transition’(2007).


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