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The Stunning Debut Album From ELSKA

Elska”: Old Norse: /ˈɛlska/ - It means to hold something dear, or to fiercely love something or someone. It also has an oddly political meaning as a call to action, in the way that love, like justice, is something worth working for. This intersection between the personal and political is what prompted a young singer from northern Minnesota to adopt the name ELSKA.

The Sound is piano. It’s pop. But it’s also an enthusiastic marriage of organic and synthetic sounds. Sometimes aggressive, sometimes atmospheric, ELSKA embraces the dramatic sides of both Indie and Alternative music. ELSKA happily invites fans of Mitski, Feist, and Sara Bareilles to sample her wares.

On the Shoulders of Giants” addresses what it is to be a woman in America, a human on this planet, or in an empty apartment sifting through a lifetime of good and bad decisions. While tested in both studio and live scenarios (with the help of co-writer and producer, Owen Sartori), the record has been kept largely secret.

The very first public taste of the record appeared on the #MeTooMPLS Planned Parenthood Benefit record, released in the summer of 2020. This contribution earned her critical acclaim from the Music Street Journal, as well an award from the John Lennon Songwriting ContestTM.

Three singles will preceded the full debut album, which became available nation-wide on March 26, 2021.


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