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The Relationship Between Music and Casinos

The casino industry is booming. In 2021 the global casino and online gambling industry reached a total of $231 billion U.S. dollars in value and has continued to grow steadily in the two years since. In fact, entertainment in general is big business and another notable thriving industry within this space is commercial music.

Music and casino gaming go hand in hand, as people play casino games for enjoyment, distraction from boredom and socialisation. Listening to and sharing music has many of these same benefits. The majority of popular online casinos featuring slots ensure the games have musical soundtracks and sound effects as they form an integral part of the experience and bring the graphics and animations on screen to life.

The impacts of music in casino venues

It isn’t online slots that feature music. Music can often have a big effect on the casino atmosphere in land-based venues and is used to influence the player’s mood and behaviour.

For example, you will find that many casino venues will play popular fast tempo music soundtracks over their speakers. This can boost the player’s mood and help to get their adrenaline going; therefore they are more likely to keep empowered and continue participating in games.

Casinos are not the only type of business to use music to help boost revenues. Coffee shops and cafes use these techniques too. Some will play fast tempo music in the background to encourage customers to eat and drink faster. If they clear tables more quickly, the venue can handle a higher volume of customers and will therefore take more orders.

While some casinos will use this technique, others will go in the other direction and play slower paced jazz music. This is to create a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere that makes the players feel comfortable and looked after. You are most likely to find this style of music and exclusive members clubs and more upmarket destinations.

Music may also change throughout the venue’s opening hours. For 24/7 casinos, switching to dance tracks and club anthems later in the day can help create an evening entertainment atmosphere.

It is also often seen that fast tempo tracks are favoured on the gaming floor and calmer music that allows conversation is played in the venue’s lounge, restaurant and bar areas.

Casino references in popular music

The relationship between casinos and music isn’t one sided, casinos and references to gambling also feature in many popular songs.

The song Luck Be A Lady was made popular when covered by Frank Sinatra in 1965. He sings about a gambling man who wants to win a bet, but the gentleman has also set his sights on a beautiful woman. The song compares winning at casino games to the luck of winning the heart of the artist’s ideal lady.

Another track about gambling and love is Bruce Springstein’s Roll Of The Dice. Using a very effective gambling metaphor, Springstein describes how he knows that his luck will turn and that there are better days in his love life ahead of him.

Lady Gaga’s Pokerface is a more recent song inspired by casino antics. While the song makes plenty of references to the game poker, it also speaks of the single utilising a ‘poker face’ to conceal her true feelings from her lover and remain in control.

Not all casino inspired songs are serious tales of love and heartache. In the 1990s well known artists Puff Daddy and The Notorious B.I.G. collaborated on the rap track No Money, No Problems. This lighthearted song speaks of betting and taking chances in life without any serious metaphor or hidden message behind it.

Musicians that perform in casinos

Casinos are epic entertainment destinations; visitors do not only go to play games but also to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy socialising with friends. As part of this entertainment offering, many larger casinos will invite musicians to perform and draw crowds in.

Elvis Presley was a famous face that performed numerous times in Las Vegas. The rock and roll star performed at the Las Vegas Hilton in the 1950s after leaving military service, he also sang at the International Hotel in 1969. One of his biggest performances was at the Caesars Palace casino complex two years before his untimely death.

Popstar Madonna has also performed at Caesars Palace and in casinos all over the world. In 2016, her performance at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas was a sold out show.

Lastly, singer and actor Cher featured the famous Caesars Palace venue in her music video for the song Bang Bang, She is another popstar who enjoys casino performances and has sold out tickets at over Las Vegas hotspots such as the Bellagio.


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