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'The Best of Dwight Twilley The Tulsa Years 1999-2016 Vol1' On Double Vinyl Released

By Stevie Connor. Photo Credit: Phil Clarkin Photography.

Dwight Twilley has released The Best of Dwight Twilley The Tulsa Years 1999-2016 Vol1 on double vinyl via Paramour Records.

Dwight Twilley is a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter considered the Father of Power Pop. Signed to Leon Russell’s Shelter Records, Dwight is one of The Church Studio’s original 4 consisting of Leon Russell, Dwight Twilley, Tom Petty and JJ Cale, all known for creating the “Tulsa Sound.”

The first song the Dwight Twilley Band put out in 1975, “I’m On Fire,” became his first hit. He followed up with “Girls” in 1984 from his solo record “Jungle” with original label mate Tom Petty. This song also became a big MTV hit.

Dwight left LA after the Northridge earthquake destroyed his house. He returned to Tulsa, where he purchased a home The Twilley’s named The Big Oak and built their own studio. It was then that he really blossomed. He and his wife Jan became an incredible producer and engineering team. Once in full control, Dwight proceeded to create his most brilliant work.

Like a kid in a candy store, he recorded at a frenzied pace. Between 1999-2016, Dwight put out 6 new original albums, a cover album, a Beatles cover album, a live CD/DVD, a Christmas collection and a record of unreleased tracks.

“The Best of Dwight Twilley The Tulsa Years 1999-2016 Vol 1” is a collector’s dream. It includes tracks from “Tulsa,” “The Luck,” “47 Moons,” “Green Blimp,” “Soundtrack” and “Always” for the first time on vinyl. It is a two-album set of heavy 180-gram vinyl with each disc a different color. It includes a 12-page, full-color booklet of pictures and explanations from Dwight about his inspiration along with origins of the songs.

Paramour Records is a new division of The Paramour Group, a multi-facet entertainment company with a long history as a boutique international agency and management company. The label, which is distributed by MVD Entertainment Group, specializes in creating an environment for music artists to explore and expand into a broad spectrum of media, blurring the lines between art mediums, including film, music, publishing, television, and games. In addition to offices in Los Angeles, Melbourne (FL), Troy (MI), and Neillsville (WI), Paramour Records has strategic partners in NYC, Hamburg, Germany and Glasgow, Scotland, perfecting their global reach.



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