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Texas Roots-Rock Phenom Zach Person Set To Embark on UK and European Tour

American recording artist, Zach Person, is the new face of guitar rock. Emerging out of Austin, Texas, Person plays loud, raw, and connects with his music fans on a primal sonic level. Those seeing him for the first time share one thing in common: they are instant, lifelong fans.

Only 24 years old, Person has a swagger, talent and grit beyond his years. With the poise of a seasoned veteran on stage and the stylings of a mega star, he commands an audience in seconds.

Zach Person is set to embark on his first UK and Europe tour, starting 28th August. He will be playing at some iconic venues and cities including The Black Heart (London), De Melkweg (Amsterdam), De Bosuil (The Netherlands), EBGBs (Liverpool), Folk a Rock (Malmö, Sweden) and Himlavalvet (Stockholm, Sweden). Following the release of his self-titled debut album in April this year, Zach Person has been able to captivate a live audience and created a real buzz as one of the hottest artists coming from Austin, Texas.

Reminiscent of everyone from Elmore James and Duane Allman to The Black Keys and Jack White, Person channels a raw, pure-bred American swagger. Between the driving beat, Person’s fuzzed-out vocals and the layers of bombastic guitar parts, the tunes show off all the reasons that Buddy Guy once said of Person ‘What can I say? The young man is hot!’”

His inspirations are varied, and include prolific artists like The Black Keys, Jack White, Chris Stapleton, Jonny Lang, Funkadelic, and Led Zeppelin. With his new project, Zach has created his own take on a contemporary hybrid of blues and rock music, arranged in a pop format.

“The spirit of the blues is at the heart of most of my songwriting, therefore a lot of the tracks on this album possess a theme of pain and suffering, and the will to overcome the obstacles ahead of one’s self,” said Person.

In 2017, he represented the Houston Blues Society at the International Blues Challenge, a competition featuring some of the best blues artists from around the world. This appearance would later afford him the opportunity to perform alongside legends like Buddy Guy and Robert Cray.

Zach then linked up with drummer and musical collaborator, Jake Wyble, after posting a “Drummer Wanted” call and a chance meeting on Sixth Street in Austin, Texas. The connection ended up being fate as both young musicians realized they were born in the same small town in New Jersey, and have been playing music pretty much all their lives. Together the duo honed their craft under BlackDenim’s tutelage and the synergy is palpable.

Of the track “Can’t Stop Running” Zach said " It embodies the theory of the Duality of Self. This is especially highlighted in the official music video. When scripting out the storyboard for “Can’t Stop Running”, we wanted to paint an exaggerated picture of the ego driven society of “Hollywood”. The idea is that you are constantly running to avoid succumbing to the pitfalls your ego. The ego is always lurking behind you, tempting you listen to it instead of staying rooted in your humility. Lines like, “Young man you’re gonna be a star. Fresh strings on my old guitar.” reference the facade that can come so easily in the entertainment realm. You can polish someone up and give them new “strings”, but they’re still the same old guitar." – Zach Person


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