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Talented Queensland Band Oleander Grove Release 'You Made Me' The New Single From Their Debut Album

By Stevie Connor.

Oleander Grove is an original rock, blues, country, pop, folk band from Queensland, Australia. They have just released their debut album which was produced by award-winning Shane Nicholson.

Each member of Oleander Grove adds their own personal musical influences and flavours to the band which gives it a unique, yet familiar sound. Oleander Grove are very hard to categorize in any specific genre, with their heart wrenching lyrics and dark, yet sweet melodic undertones.

Their sound is a mix of original heartfelt lyrics, beautifully crafted melodies and atmospheric lead guitar parts. Listening to Oleander Grove - you might hear subtle hints and influences from the classic artists & bands from decades gone by. Oleander Grove has music to cater for any age group, young and old. Their lyrics are so honest that they are relatable to people from all walks of life as the touch on experiences of pain and of beauty and everyday life.

With Oleander Grove also having a reputation of putting on a captivating stage show - this is a band not to miss!


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