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Sydney-Based Singer-Songwriter and Author, Geoff Gates, Releases Third Single 'Mining Town'

This is Geoff Gates' third single, "Mining Town". The song talks about a very Australian experience of moving away for work, and wondering whether you will ever feel at home in that new place.

‘Mining Town’ is the latest release from Sydney singer songwriter Geoff Gates. In the song, the storyteller talks about a woman he loves, living in a mining town, far from the coast where they grew up.

The song opens with a catchy guitar riff, leading to the upbeat rhythm of the verse, juxtaposed to minor chords and melancholy lyrics (‘Talking to you on the phone/Your voice seems so near ...”). The chorus transitions to open guitar chords and ride cymbals, as the singer wonders about what the future holds for them both (“And it’s funny, when I thought of you/riding up the coast ...”).

Geoff sings and plays guitar, and is joined by Gareth Richards on drums (Copperline) and Robbie Renu on bass (Mysterious Universe). The trio are the main performers on Geoff’s upcoming “Melancholy Party” album to be released in spring.

Geoff Gates is a Sydney-based singer songwriter and author of two published novels. He has been writing songs and playing guitar for as long as he can remember, and always has a guitar within reach. Fiction came later, while living overseas in Germany and it was harder to jam with friends. ‘Writing is great,’ says Geoff. ‘But there’s an instant connection with your audience in music. I also love that you can tell a story in a couple of minutes.’


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