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Sweden's Jesper Lindell Releases Rendition Of 'Twilight' By The Band Featuring Amy Helm

Photo Credit: Emilia Vicenta

With the success of “Everyday Dreams” and the regained independence for Jesper Lindell, the old dream of touring and playing live was within reach. He moved back to his hometown Ludvika, built a studio and started to rehearse with a band of old friends. The fall of 2019 they did their first tour and in February 2020, they embarked on another major tour in Scandinavia with Memphis act Liz Brasher.

With two weeks left of the tour schedule, the pandemic hit and the remaining gigs were cancelled. Along with the 50+ gig summer tour of Scandinavia and Italy. As if that was not enough bad luck, Jesper was reminded of his congenital kidney disease, and his health rapidly got worse. A transplantation was soon the only option. While waiting for his dad to be approved as a donor, Jesper’s been in dialysis three times a week. The wait in the Corona year has been even longer, due to the overworked health care.

The bright blue sky suddenly had some big, nasty black clouds. The twenty-eight year old Jesper was back in his boyhood room. Remembering the shy football guy in a wheelchair in the very same room, with a guitar in his lap. Jesper is still as shy and quiet, but his determination to fight against all odds is just as strong. During the past year in isolation, Jesper has written and recorded a lot of music, to be released in the next few months, the latest single is Twilight.

Jesper Lindell on the single,“It’s our rendition of The Band’s song and I’m proud to announce we have the wonderful and talented Amy Helm singing with us. It's available to listen to now.!

There’s this quote by Amy’s father that I’ve always liked: “If you pour some music on whatever’s wrong, it’ll sure help out.” - Levon Helm

To me no truer words have been spoken. Because making this album and the ten songs it contains has meant everything to me. Even though I was going through dialysis, I really loved writing and recording these ten songs. And when I was isolated due to being at higher risk of infection during the pandemic, I was looking forward to the next recording session the whole time. Me and my friends got to figure out these songs, what they would be and what they would sound and feel like.

Writing and recording music has become such an important part of my life. Something I don’t think I can live without doing. But there’s something I KNOW I can’t live without. And that is to just simply listen to music. That has probably changed my life more than I will ever know. It has brought me together with people that I now call my best friends, people that I love.

Music has the ability to bring people together. And this year we’ll be out there ripping and rocking trying as hard as we can to, hopefully, bring people together, when so many others seem to want the opposite.

Keep your eyes open, Thank you all!"

Jesper Lindell is a world class songwriter and a powerful singer, with a clear and uncompromising vision. Jesper has received a new kidney from his dad late 2021. Both he, and his dad, are doing great and the artist is looking forward to touring and making more music!


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