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Soulful Indie Folk Artist Aisha Badru Releases New EP 'The Way Back Home'

Indie-folk artist Aisha Badru builds atmospheric soundscapes deeply rooted in nature, spirituality, family and homecoming. Her dynamic new The Way Back Home EP has been released via Nettwerk Records.

The single “Rebirth” marries her signature singer-songwriter sound with booming percussion and a soul-stirring rap verse. A standout among the collection, “Rebirth” flirts with the idea that we are undergoing a transformation on earth where we will be pushed to limits and really inquire about what our existence means. Aisha shares, “I believe the truth that will be uncovered will set us on a new course rooted in love and understanding.”

Aisha’s humanistic confessionals have won more than 100M+ streams, a fanbase in Europe, and the praise of publications such as NPR, who celebrated her “warm and inviting” approach. Lead single and album title track “The Way Back Home” has earned acclaim spanning Apple Music Country, The Bluegrass Situation, and many more.

Since releasing her debut album Pendulum, Aisha relocated from Yonkers, NY to her current home outside Orlando, where she lives sustainably and practices permaculture with her partner and her 1.5-year-old twins. She is also using her platform to amplify this passion for environmentalism, teaming up with Nettwerk Records to plant trees with pre-saves of the albums & singles via a donation to the non-profit, One Tree Planted.

Aisha says of the album "I’ve spent many days wondering why unfortunate things happen. Wondering why things didn’t work out, why I deserved a broken heart, or why the world is the way it is. Every song on my album points to an underlying gift in the painful experiences I’ve endured. Without the hardships, I’d lack the lessons I’ve gained that have cultivated who I am today. I hope Pendulum opens a window that allows my listeners to see how the dark and light aspects of life form a marriage that serves as a catalyst that initiates tremendous growth."


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