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Sierra Green, Revered As The 'Queen Of Frenchmen Street', Set To Release New Album 'Here We Are'

Sierra Green

Sierra Green is excited to announce the forthcoming release of her new album, Here We Are, by producers J.D. Simo and David Torkanowsky, (who produced the New Orleans sessions.)

Emerging as a vibrant musical force from the bustling streets of New Orleans, Sierra Green fuses timeless soul with an irresistible contemporary allure, evoking the depth and grit of the genre's raw essence. Revered as the "Queen of Frenchmen Street," Sierra's New Orleans roots delve deep into the rich musical soil of the city's 7th Ward — a historic breeding ground that nurtured legends such as Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet, and Allen Toussaint. Sierra's musical destiny is woven into the tapestry of this storied neighbourhood, where her voice resonated in the church choir from the tender age of eight.

"Sierra Green is the real deal. She was born in a New Orleans area that is a hotbed for talent. She grew up busking, singing in church, or anywhere where they'd pay her. There is a difference when you hear someone sing because they can versus them singing because that's the way that they will eat tonight. She has a lot in common with some of the artists that she covered on " Here We Are."— Rueben Williams, Thunderbird Management.

Sierra's artistic odyssey mirrors the soulfulness of her surroundings. Originating from humble beginnings, she captivated audiences along the iconic Frenchmen Street, eventually securing residencies in New Orleans' most esteemed clubs. Here, she meticulously curated her band, The Giants, handpicking the city’s finest musicians to refine her distinctive sound and command the stage with an undeniable presence.

Further expanding her horizons, Sierra journeyed to Nashville, collaborating with producer and guitarist J.D. Simo, celebrated for his work with icons like Beyoncé, Stevie Nicks, and Jack White. These recording sessions promise to elevate her forthcoming debut album, infusing her captivating vocals with sultry guitar, potent horns, and infectious basslines—a nod to the legends of Detroit and Memphis as she forges her own path among contemporary torchbearers.

Sierra stands poised and primed, where each moment behind the microphone holds the promise of an unforgettable evening—an embodiment of soulful melodies and magnetic performances that leave audiences moved, captivated, and inspired. Sierra Green isn't merely crafting music; she’s etching her legacy in the revered annals of musical history.

Sierra Green



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