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Seafoam Green Release New Americana Track with Wicked Slide Guitar Licks by Derek Trucks

Tyler Greenwell - founding member of Grammy Award winning Tedeschi Trucks Band - got wind of Seafoam Green preparing to make their next record, and made it known that he wanted to be involved. It wasn’t long before Seafoam Green flew out to Atlanta, GA for a symbiotic week of recording with some of the gnarliest players in the world.

'Mine All Mine follows hard-hitting, good-times Rock’n’Roll song ‘House On The Hill’ and shows off a more laid back feel. The track is a glorious easy on the ear sun-drenched Americana love song made even more stunning by the wicked slide guitar licks of Derek Trucks.

Seafoam Green’s upcoming long player - Martin’s Garden’ - is the band's second studio record. Their debut was a collaboration with Rich Robinson, of the Black Crowes. Once again, Seafoam Green are collaborating with the artists residing in their own record collections - inspirations steeped in the culture of the Southern States.

How do two Irish Rock n’ Rollers go from talking about the music they love, to playing with the musicians who made it? It all comes down to the songs they are writing.

Dave O’ Grady and Muireann McDermott Long specialise in what we have come to know as Americana. If you want earthy, rootsy, blues, gospel, country, folk, they have it, but what it amalgamates to at this level which has been perfected across two albums and countless live shows is the sound of a glorious Rock n’ Soul revival.

Speaking on the new single, Dave O’Grady says, “’You will never waste my time’, the first line of the song came from “my muse” or whoever sends me inspiration. It was the first block laid to start building the house that would become ‘Mine All Mine’. My original approach was to use that phrase as a message to someone who I would not let waste my time in a negative way, but the song quickly told me that it was actually going to be a love letter and totally flipped the meaning of the first line. I love that about writing, same line, many meanings or interpretations and you can’t always take credit.”

And on Derek Trucks being part of the track O’Grady explains, “When we were recording the song in Atlanta, our producer Tyler pulled me outside to chat about the song and the approach for the day. Referring to the demo Tyler said ‘Dave, there is a lot of slide on this you want Derek to do it?’ and I thought ‘DO I WHAT????? WHAT.A.DREAM.’”

The dream come true scenario helped refine the rich indulgent moods of ‘Mine All Mine’, the striking next taster of ‘Martin’s Garden’. The track’s comforting tidal waves of glistening guitars and harmonies recall the best of the Americana genre and get embedded further and further in the soul on each listen.

‘Mine All Mine’ is the next single from Seafoam Green’s forthcoming album ‘Martins Garden’. Released out on 12” vinyl, CD and digital download on 1st June, the album is available to pre-order now.

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