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Scotland-Based Jamaican Songstress iBrina Announces Inspirational Single 'Be Ready'

Be Ready is the powerful new single from the Scotland-based Jamaican singer-songwriter iBrina (formally known as Brina) out Friday 26th August. The track is about finding the determination to keep going when faced with knockbacks and is inspired by iBrina’s ability to keep pushing on in spite of the personal struggles she has faced.

iBrina’s music is steeped in the sounds and rhythms of her Jamaican culture and she has performed across Europe, Jamaica and Africa since her debut single in 2010.

Be Ready is a soulful and empowering track about bouncing back from a place of despair and self-doubt but still finding the courage and willpower to keep on going in the face of adversity.

The single was written and produced by Subrina Ward aka iBrina. Musicians invited to work on the single are France-based Gregory Emonet on guitar, Austria-based Alvis Reid on bass guitar and music production, Michael Leitner on strings and lead violin, and Toti Denaro on percussion.

The self-composed single was recorded across France, Austria and Scotland in 2021 and was mixed in Florida by notable Grammy winning mix engineer Errol Brown and mastered in California by Grammy-winning mixing engineer Jon Rezin.

iBrina said: “The single is inspired by an undiluted drive and determination I possess to simply keep on going despite the times when I’ve had knockbacks and been tempted with self-doubt. This song is a reminder that the only thing that perpetuates and promotes personal satisfaction is moving in the direction of our desires.

I constantly dream of my music going around the world and positively inspiring the lives of others. With this song, I believe we should affirm being ready for the day when destiny positively changes the course of our lives allowing the music of our souls to lead us.”

Echoing the theme of this year’s Jamaican landmark- 60 years of independence - Be Ready certainly heralds the passion and energy of true Jamaican resilience for reigniting the inspiration for greatness no matter where in the world a Jamaican may be.

Be Ready is out Friday 26th August !

iBrina performs LIVE NOW (Be Bold, Be Brave)

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