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Saskatchewan's Dynamic Duo, Munro and Patrick, Release First Studio Album 'Give Me Your Rain'

Give Me Your Rain” is the title track from Munro and Patricks’ first studio album. The acoustic, dynamic and driving rootsy blues melody, (featuring very tasty slide guitar), combined with gritty and heart wrenching vocals, take this song to another level. At times tender and intimate, and in the next breath, overflowing with rock influenced soul. The raw and honest lyrics are the backbone to the song, and evoke a longing to be woken and live free.

As true artists, they have a deep history of consistent and successful working careers. Heidi as a well known solo artist involved with many self produced projects, and Scott as the lead singer/Guitarist of the acclaimed Rock Country Band Wyatt. After crossing paths and performing together in freelance projects, the two began performing live shows as Munro & Patrick, developing an undeniable chemistry onstage and as writing partners. Their debut album is a collection of 7 songs from writing sessions over a two year time frame.

Heidi and Scott reached out to their good friend Grant Sotnikow to produce the project. They desired the album to have a defined stripped down acoustic vibe, allowing the songs to speak for themselves, while reflecting their live performances during the pandemic. Songs that are rich in many lifelong influences, from soul, country, roots, folk, blues, jazz and gritty rock n roll fill this album. Lyrically this collection of songs showcases writing that is true and honest, filled with life, stories of imagination, great hooks and infectious melodies. A deep passion for creating songs that evoke imagery and human emotion, shines through in this album.

Raised on country music and Rock 'n' roll, and with a consistent professional career spanning multiple decades as a multi-award-winning solo recording artist, Heidi is well known in the music industry. Heidi has also produced and performed the highly acclaimed sold-out Passion of Amy Winehouse, along with headlining many successful show bands, covering multiple genres. This musical history has influenced her gutsy, energetic, emotional, and passionate performances.

Scott Patrick is recognized in the Canadian country music industry for his acclaimed songwriting, guitar work and trademark lead vocals for the multi-award-winning and very successful Saskatchewan born band,Wyatt. He is widely known as an “A-list” session player in the studio world, and in the festival circuit, also, as one of the top musicians and back up vocalists to support fellow artists' shows.

In addition to their duo work and co-writing, Heidi and Scott perform in numerous projects together.


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