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Rising From The Great White North: Hayley Verrall

Hayley Verrall

I write a lot of articles about Canadian artists, and also about artists from many countries around the world for The Sound Café. Mainly these artists are established and have large followings in their home country and also internationally. With The Sound Café HQ being based in Ontario, Canada, I get sent many e-mails from performers that I am not that familiar with from across this vast country, in an array of genres, and I wanted space to shine a light on some of these very talented artists.

To define 'emerging' can be a little tricky, some singer-songwriters, bands, musicians can spend a few years playing locally before they are recognized regionally, and may take a number of years of hard work and touring to be acknowledged nationally, so, to clarify this column, I am going to feature artists who I think are beginning to 'emerge', or already have 'emerged ' from their local or regional scenes.

I decided to create this column exclusively for The Sound Café where I'll showcase 'emerging' talent from across Canada. I hope you enjoy the features and come back and visit again.

Hayley Verrall is a young and talented pop country artist from Burlington, Ontario, who is making waves in the music industry. Inspired by roots artists like Dolly Parton and Shania Twain and contemporary artists like Miranda Lambert and Gabby Barrett, Hayley's clear and distinct voice delivers thought-provoking observations and encouragement through her music. With over 300,000 streams and a new single called "Late Bloomer," Hayley is quickly becoming a household name in the country music scene.

I had the great honour of presenting Hayley to a packed, standing room only, album launch in Burlington, Ontario recently, Hayley was opening for singer-songwriter, Kae Shelby. Hayley opened the show in style playing a couple of very fine cover versions of Country music classics, but, really came into her own with her original songs. A great writer, very confident performer, with a powerful voice, she really knew how to work the crowd, who loved her performance. It was an acoustic set that afternoon, she usually performs with her own band, she is a highly recommended artist to go and see, and one to watch for the future.

Hayley's latest single, "Late Bloomer," marks a powerful shift in her musical journey, as she ventures into the realm of power ballads for the first time. With heartfelt lyrics and powerful melodies, "Late Bloomer" transcends mere music, serving as a poignant reflection of Hayley's personal experiences and growth. Through the vulnerability of her storytelling, Hayley invites listeners into her world, offering a glimpse of the challenges she's faced and the lessons she's learned along the way. Each note resonates with authenticity, evoking emotions that strike a chord deep within the soul. But "Late Bloomer" is more than just a song; it's a beacon of hope and encouragement. Through her music, Hayley inspires us all to embrace our uniqueness and trust in our individual journeys. She reminds us that it's okay to take our time, to bloom at our own pace, and to celebrate the beauty of our differences.

Hayley has had the honour of opening for and working with iconic Canadian musicians such as Dan Hill and Burton Cummings. She has also made her mark at local events, having played at the Burlington Sound of Music Festival and Burlington's Largest Ribfest. Hayley's music has won her international and local recognition, including a 2020 induction into the Burlington Performing Arts Centre Hall of Fame, and the 2022 silver award from the International Singer Songwriters Association for International Female Emerging Artist.


With a passion for connecting with her fans through her music, Hayley's shows are a vibrant and upbeat celebration of life, love, and the world. Whether you're a fan of pop country or just enjoy well-written, uplifting music, Hayley Verrall is an artist you won't want to miss.

Hayley Verrall



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