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Queensland Singer-Songwriter, Mason Hope, Continues To Showcase Exceptional Talent On New Single

Queensland singer-songwriter, Mason Hope, continues to showcase his exceptional talent with his new single, “Lonely Hunter”, which dropped on Friday 1st April.

“This song is for everyone who has had their heart broken”, says Mason. “Even though time heals, we can still feel shook and relive that feeling when fate steps in to remind us of that painful time”. As Mason sings, “my fragile heart has given up and I can’t take no more … sometimes I’m holding my breath thinking you might just appear, it’s not with love I think of you, my body shakes in fear”.

“Lonely Hunter” is a reminder of how life can be so unpredictable and throw you for a loop at any given moment.

“You realize that the love you wanted but ultimately left you broken hearted now wants you back and its something you do not want to go through again. Self survival kicks in - it’s a pain you’ve moved through and learnt from”.

The new single was produced by the award-winning Shane Nicholson.

There is no doubt that 19-year-old singer and songwriter Mason Hope has a rare gift. His talent is undeniable and so obvious to those in the music industry it’s led to him taking home a swag of awards and to receiving numerous accolades from his peers and the media since he first emerged on the scene at the age of 15.

Hailing from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, one of Mason’s early encounters with the media occurred when he was selected as a featured vocalist for ‘Creative Generations’, an event televised by the TEN Network from the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in 2016. The same year, Mason also took out the main prize in the Voice of Urban and the iconic Gympie Music Muster Talent Search and followed it up by winning the coveted Trans-Tasman Entertainer of the Year in 2017. It’s no coincidence that the term ‘entertainer’ has been earned by Mason through award wins and applied so frequently by the media.

Not only is he a soulful singer and accomplished guitarist and bassist, he is also a drummer of great prowess and incredibly adept at the sometimes jaw-dropping skill of ‘looping’ as first bought to prominence by Ed Sheeran.


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