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Queensland's Country-Folk Outfit Rusty Pickups Release 'Always Be Home' Featuring Vixens Of Fall

By Stevie Connor. Photo Credit: Theresa Hall.

In the summer of 2018 Cookie from Rusty Pickup’s penned a song to gift his parents for Christmas. After 52 years the family farm was changing hands, with his parents scaling back from 80 hours a week to a semi retirement of 30-40 hours instead.

The family name was still safely attached to the farm with Cook’s older brother John taking the share of ups and downs that comes with running a farm through floods and drought, good & bad, thin or flush.

Produced by Rusty Pickups, and performed with the help of another family of spellbinding musicians in the form of the Vixens of Fall, ‘Always Be Home’ is an ode to growing up on the land, where everything can change - but home is always home. Mixed by Shane Nicholson and mastered by Jeff McCormack.

Rusty Pickups are Michael Cook, Lee Fielding, Ayden Roberts and Waylon Katz. A Country & Americana ensemble from the Darling Downs in Queensland, Rusty Pickups showcase a traditional down home classic country-folk sound with splashes of river boat keys, melodic clawhammer banjo, rolling upright bass, and charming acoustic guitar that set the scene for classic story-telling vocals, memorable songs and four part harmonies driving it all home.



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