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Prince Edward Island's Jenna-Marie Gallant Releases 'Pin Me To The Wall'

Young singer/songwriter Jenna-Marie Gallant's quiet, observant demeanour translates into powerful song-writing that challenges the listener with gritty, no-nonsense anthems for strength in a complicated world.

Jenna-Marie grew up on the North Shore of Prince Edward Island, and her hometown figures prominently in her music. As a young artist, she draws inspiration from her extended musical family members, which includes recipients of Juno Awards, East Coast Music Awards, Canadian Folk Music Awards, and even the Order of Canada. Jenna-Marie's empowering lyrics on moving forward in life, shine through in her writing, as does her compassion for the disenfranchised. Despite being only 22 years of age, she is an observer and documenter of our times.

Jenna-Marie's first ever recording, "Pin Me To The Wall", documents a far too familiar theme of abuse, but does so in a way that empowers the listener. Slowly building, the song presents as an anthem for taking charge and creating change.


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