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Premiere: Wreckless Strangers - 'Ain't No Thing' - Produced by GRAMMY-Winner Colin Linden

PREMIERE:Ain’t No Thing’, which will be released Friday March 4th, is the second single off of the Wreckless Strangers upcoming album When the Sun and a Blue Star Collide. The album was produced by Colin Linden, nine-time Juno Award-winning and Grammy-winning producer/artist and renowned guitarist who has toured with the likes of Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, and more.

‘Ain’t No Thing’ was written by John Scott Sherrill and Chris Stapleton and originally recorded by Bucky Covington. The Wreckless Strangers saw ‘Ain’t No Thing’ performed by Wynonna & The Big Noise and knew they had to put their own ‘California Country Soul’ spin on it.

The Wreckless Strangers’ music echoes their California Americana beginnings, while stretching the boundaries of musical genres, exploring endless combinations of the unique qualities of rock, country, soul and roots.

Vocalist Amber Morris said, “I came across 'Ain’t No Thing' when I was still pretty new to the band. Mick and I were sharing playlists back and forth in search of a gem for me to cover. To say I’m a huge fan of the powerhouse vocals, musicianship and energy of both Wynonna and Susan Tedeschi is an understatement! Discovering they were on this track together sent me over the moon! The whole band was into it! What’s not to love?! Knowing Chris Stapleton co-wrote this tune was the cherry on top! The song’s a gas to play - our Wreckless fans love the huge energy, huge vocals, huge guitars, and huge attitude! "

Fusing a broad range of influences which combine to create an intoxicating sonic potion enhanced by lush, riveting harmonies and showcasing lead vocalists Amber Morris and David Noble. Longtime fans agree the Wreckless Strangers have evolved as a unit, expertly honing a sound which they have aptly dubbed “California Country Soul.”

While holding fast to their Americana roots, the Wreckless Strangers have expanded their scope, both musically and thematically, for their upcoming album When the Sun and a Blue Star Collide. The project is produced by Colin Linden, nine-time Juno Award-winning and Grammy-winning producer/artist and monster guitarist who has toured with Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, and the Band, recorded on countless albums, and served as a major contributor to the music of ABC’s Nashville.

All six Strangers contributed to the songwriting which explores a vast array of themes, painting a vibrant, relatable portrait of California Americana -- from the sun-kissed radiance of the coast to the cosmic secrets of the mountain; from a bursting springtime romance to the darkest corners of love and loss; from the cacophony of social media to the most intimate travails of the aspiring artist.

The bond between the members, both personal and musical, has blossomed through the years now manifesting itself as a close-knit family, ironically called “Strangers.” Get to know the Wreckless Strangers and what each unique personality brings to this quintessential musical collective.






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