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'Paradise' Is The Latest Sonic Eevelation From The Groundbreaking, Genre-Defying Artist, viisi


'Paradise' is a testament to viisi's unparalleled ability to craft songs that resonate deeply with listeners.

Masterfully capturing the conflicting push and pull moments of a complex yet passionate romance, viisi creates a sonic experience that brings the listener up close with powerful interplay of dreams and doubt. The track seamlessly blends contrasting octaves, stark layers of percussion and addictive riffs. 

The imagery of the chorus rushes in like a euphoric tsunami wave, daring the listener to take that bold leap and put their heart back on the line for a thrilling shared escapade into the unknown. viisi adds:

"I used to be in this relationship where this girl's parents absolutely hated me because I made music, they thought I was going to corrupt their daughter. We always talked about running away and finding a place away from the chaos but we were too chaotic ourselves, we would always fight and eventually the love died. I wonder if she ever found her paradise…"

viisi's name originates from Finnish word for “five,"representing the past, present, and future. Drawing heavy inspiration from the trailblazing legends of the 90s hip hop scene while also embracing the experimental attitude of alternative pop and rock, viisi embodies creative honesty.  

He is set to perform at this year's Summerfest on June 21st and has received acclaim from Rolling Stone, Notion, Fashionably Early, Sweety High, and Grimy Goods to name a few.

We owe it to ourselves to keep chasing those feelings of joyful abandon and blissful escape. 

Good things come in fives. Dropping his first rough cut as a high school freshman when he was just fourteen, Matthew Borley, couldn’t have known that five years later he’d be touring Europe, playing packed-out shows in the South of France. Initially sparked by his father during his teenage years, he was Introduced to select verses from ‘90s hip hop pioneers and most controversial rapper of his time, Eminem, Matt was profoundly impacted by his connection to the raw and unapologetic nature of the scene. 

The young alternative/hip-hop phenom is determined to push the boundaries of what it means to be an artist in the modern era. Through his powerful and raw storytelling (inspired by his love of 90’s hip-hop legends), his music transcends the unique and universal human experiences that have shaped him. With a lyrical honesty and unwavering dedication to his craft, viisi is unafraid to delve into his personal experiences pulling from family conflicts, fallouts, reality checks, and struggles with self-worth. Writing prose with messages of life and dreams and of merit and substance, his visceral, yet familiar approach will surely leave fans moved and stunned.




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