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Portugal's Beak Scenatrio Release New Single 'Coastal Breeze' Ahead Of Debut EP

By Stevie Connor.

"Coastal Breeze", the advance single from Beak Scenatrio's forthcoming debut EP, just dropped today on all digital platforms. The track´s groove oriented foundation is built upon a melting pot of rock, soul, jazz and global music influences, while funky electric guitar lines add a melodic twist of dreamscape psychedelia that complements the Lisbon-based trio´s unique sound.

The band's debut EP, "Follow Your Nose", is set for release on April 7th and will be available exclusively for digital download through their Bandcamp page and the Yoyobel Records website before hitting all digital platforms later this Spring.

In the summer of 2022, the three seasoned and versatile musicians got together with the aim of blending their love of feel-good dubfunkadelia and instrumental rock music with the improvisational vibes of jazz and blues into a sound they can call their own. The result is an EP of five masterfully crafted tracks recorded in two days at Canoa Studios in Torres Vedras, Portugal. Defying categorization, this extraordinary group delivers an expansive, captivating, and dynamic musical experience that will leave you craving for more!

Beak Scenatrio is a musical trio led by guitarist/composer Abel Beja (Primitive Reason, Lusitanian Ghosts). Inspired by electronic based music, their organic sound is driven by João Sousa’s (Lusitanian Ghosts) bouncy boom bap beats and Pedro Pinto’s hypnotic bass lines while Beja’s eclectic electric guitars add a unique twist to the groove oriented foundation.


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