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Ontario-Based Singer-Songwriter Woody Woodburn Drops Video/Single Ahead Of Much Anticipated New EP

Photo Credit: Lou Pinto Photography.

After watching the Disney+ movie “Soul”, Woody cracked a bottle of red wine and by the time the bottle was done, the song was done….a rare occurrence. The movie brought up thoughts and feelings from the past, in life, in work and in music. Feelings of insecurity, inadequacy and just not feeling like he was enough. And the idea that near the end of life, if we got the chance to look back at our life in the blink of an eye, what would stand out? And if we were to die tomorrow, what would we want to see in that moment? “Did life have a purpose, and did you go for a ride?”

What if the answers to these questions are inside our own heads? Is that what others that we look up to realized? This song explores the idea that we are enough if we want to be. The empowering feeling that we can prove to ourselves that we are enough. And hey, why not? Life is too short to assume otherwise.

On June 15. 2019, Woody left his job at the age of 44, to become a “Better Man Today”. Following his heart and soul, he put together a 6 song EP that meant more to him than he could ever imagine. His first solo EP, appropriately named Better Man Today was released in November of 2019. It focussed on the important things in life and not letting anyone take those away from you.

Hot off the heals of successfully hosting/organizing 3 drive-in concerts during a pandemic, where he opened for long time idol Jim Cuddy (trio), receiving his first FACTOR grant, and multiple successful tours in the Maritimes…. Woody has set out to level up and plow through on his positivity train and bring along any passengers looking to go on this ride.

I Am Enough is the first offering of Woody’s upcoming EP.

Born & raised in Mississauga, ON, Canada, Woody cut his teeth on the Canadian music industry with his band in the mid 90’s. Drawn to the small town lifestyle of his roots in Cape Breton, NS, he now calls his home Rockwood, ON.

After many years struggling to find a place in the corporate world, he has now found a renewed passion & love for music and will not let anything stand in his way. The music is much more than Top 40. The kind of melodies that linger in your head well after you’ve heard them. He gives life to your own struggles. Like listening to an old friend. Woody is an unassuming, humble guy that will surprise you with his powerful voice. A voice that combined with the real & “come from the heart” lyrics will leave you more hopeful & inspired in your life.

Photo Credit: Stephen Gazzola




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