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Nova Scotia's Country Pop Rising Star Jackie Putnam Set To Release Debut Album 'The Pheonix'

By Eric Alper.

Jackie Putnam, a country-pop sensation from Debert, Nova Scotia, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of her highly anticipated debut album, "The Phoenix" which will be released as a double A-side that features two new-hit singles, “Hurt” and “A Church With No People”!

The North American Country Music Association International 2023 Award-Winning Entertainer of the Year released both featured tracks on The Phoenix on June 10, 2023. Jackie’s debut album showcases her remarkable songwriting ability while paying homage to her influential country music heroes which include Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, Anne Murray, and Shania Twain.

The songs on The Phoenix encompass a variety of genres, including pop, country, gospel, and rock 'n roll. They were created during a transformative period in Jackie's life, before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Each track is derived from heartfelt emotions, serving as an outlet for Jackie to heal her mind and soul. “The songs that I wrote on The Phoenix are about experiences that happened in my life and tell you the story about who I am.”

Hurt is an upbeat song about heartache, collecting your thoughts near the ocean, crashing through the surface and diving in to take the plunge, only to rise up and be able to breathe again,” Jackie explains. “I finished writing this song in 2022 after I returned home from performing at sea on MV Atlantic Vision. There is a line singing about being tossed in the ocean of this deep dark sea, please say a prayer for me.”

A Church With No People was written during the lockdown when there was a restriction on indoor gatherings and services. This emotional song expresses the impact of the mass shooting that occurred in Jackie's hometown of Colchester County, a municipality of Nova Scotia, where 22 lives were tragically lost.

Jackie describes her emotional struggle when creating this song: “It was difficult for me to drive to work every day past the two murder scenes that happened just down the street from me.” She goes on to say, “The families were not allowed to have a proper funeral because of the lockdown and today, the families are creating a beautiful place called Heart's Haven Memorial Park in Debert, Nova Scotia.”

When it came to the production of her album, Jackie collaborated with esteemed Canadian musicians, including John Campbelljohn, Bruce Dixon, Kim Dunn, Scott Ferguson, and Ray Legere. These award-winning artists provided their expertise to beautifully complement Jackie's heartfelt lyrics and melodies.

As a seasoned entertainer, Jackie has captivated audiences with her One Woman Show, which she has taken across Canada and the United States performing original music. She has also entertained worldwide travellers on the Atlantic Ocean aboard Marine Atlantic's MV Atlantic Vision, where she delivers unforgettable performances. Furthermore, Jackie pays tribute to classic country legends through her One Woman Queens of Country Show and also presents a remarkable Patsy Cline Tribute Show.



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