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Newfoundland-Based Brazilian Duo Ana & Eric Release New Single 'I Can See Our House From Here'

By Stevie Connor.

The first single from the upcoming album, ‘Our House From Here', has a country feel and a nice gentle groove. The duo, Ana & Eric, have become ambassadors for both Newfoundland & Labrador as well as their native country Brazil. Their music combines elements of North American music and Brazilian music which grants them a unique appeal to audiences in both North America as well as South America.

They are recently returned from a successful tour in Brazil where they performed in multiple “Cultural Houses” throughout the state of Sao Paulo and they are touring throughout Atlantic Canada this Spring after Ana’s Jazz, ECMA showcase in Halifax. They continue to build on the success of their debut project and are releasing their sophomore project in April 2023. Once again their music explores the unique difficulties and triumphs encountered by immigrants moving to Canada and in particular, Newfoundland & Labrador. Their music is thoughtful, joyous and filled with passion.

Citadel House was established in 1996, and are based in Lewisporte, Newfoundland, they are a music production company with a roster that spans genres ranging from Folk to Rock and from Celtic to Blues, the Citadel House represents some of the finest emerging and established artists in Canada, which includes Brazilian addition to the roster Ana & Eric.

Ana & Eric arrived in St. John’s, Newfoundland from Brazil. After performing together for many years in Folk and Bossa Nova projects, Ana Luísa Ramos and Eric Taylor Escudero have created a repertoire with the best of the two worlds. The partnership started in 2012 as Ana was featured in Eric ́s folk-rock project.


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