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New Zealand Country Artist Keith Pereira Releases Debut Single

Country Artist Keith Pereira

New Zealand has become a breeding ground for country artists of longevity and substance, and the newest name on the block is Keith Pereira.

Ready to follow in the footsteps of Keith Urban, Kaylee Bell and Jenny Mitchell he is making inroads into Australia and around the globe with the release of his debut single, “Yeehaw” and it’s an absolute beauty!

While on the road to a gig, Keith realized he needed a ‘punchy sing along song’ that would get people stomping their boots right away. He started writing right then and there and the bones of “Yeehaw” were started on his phone’s voice notes.

Enter Caroline Jones. Yes, THAT Caroline Jones from Zac Brown Band. Keith had met her when he was an extra on the set of one of her music videos. He sent her the voice note of “Yeehaw” asking for her feedback. Much to his surprise, she loved the song so much that she offered to co-produce it with Aussie, Mike Avenaim.

“The moment I heard “Yeehaw”; I was hooked. It’s catchy and clever, a combination that marks the best country party songs”, says Caroline. “Keith has a truly unique talent. He is a fantastic chicken pickin’ guitar player, a heartfelt and stylized singer, and a songwriter that delivers genuineness and wit”.

Mike continued, “Working with Keith on this track has been awesome. He’s very meticulous in a great way which really pushed me to get him the best results while producing and mixing the track. On top of this, his songwriting is just slamming!”

Together, Caroline and Mike assembled a powerhouse team including Keith Urban’s guitarist, Danny Rader and Australia’s Prince of Pedal Steel, Jy-Perry Banks, who have all added their distinctive flavour to the recording.

“I've literally breathed country music my entire life so, to finally be at the release of my first single is honestly, a dream come true. To have the support of Caroline and have her co-produce my song with Mike Avenaim plus have the best players contribute to this song, it really has gone way beyond that dream come true", says Keith.

Keith Pereira is a Kiwi Indian country singer, songwriter and guitarist. His love for country music started growing up in the Middle East, listening to his uncle’s country radio show in Abu Dhabi. He combines his rich country voice, guitar skills and energetic live performances with his influences from 90’s giants Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley and Vince Gill. The result is a slice of nostalgia while being fresh with a complete modern twist. It makes it uniquely Keith Pereira and brands him as one of the hottest new names to watch.

New Zealand Country Artist Keith Pereira



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