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New Brunswick-Based Award-Winning Artist Laurie LeBlanc Rocks The House On New Single 'Long Weekend'

By Eric Alper.

New Brunswick-based bilingual award-winning country artist Laurie LeBlanc rocks the house with an anthem about having more time to enjoy the good times on the upbeat new single “Long Weekend”!

Coming off the heels of his East Coast Music Awards (ECMA)-nominated album, “When It’s Right It’s Right,” LeBlanc has entertained audiences since his musical introduction to English-speaking crowds after over a decade of exclusively performing in French. “Everything began to fall into place,” he shares, “and I’m proud to now be able to show my versatility in both languages.” The new single appears as the title track on the 8th studio recording and is LeBlanc’s first bilingual EP for French and English-speaking music lovers.

“Long Weekend” was written with the help of LeBlanc’s manager and wife, Jeannette, while enjoying each other’s company. “We were having lunch on a terrace during the long weekend of May, and it felt so good to have a long weekend.”

That’s when the seed was planted. “My wife looked at me and said, ‘I wish every weekend was a long weekend?’” As they both began writing the lyrics and creating the melody, they knew that “Long Weekend” would be a fun, energetic song that would connect with listeners.

Carefree nights by the fire and enjoying time with loved ones are the primary basis for “Long Weekend,” an edgy country song that pairs well with your next barbecue. Laurie LeBlanc’s smooth vocal work and feel-good lyrics are just what the world needs as it moves away from the pandemic and toward better days.

“Then something caught my eye in the water

Nothing else, didn’t seem to matter

From where I stand in the sand

She’s a ten with an already perfect tan

I thought, man oh man.”

Following the theme of presenting light-hearted fun to audiences, the official music video for “Long Weekend” features some of the beloved activities from summer long weekends, such as fishing, camping, and boating. Two versions of the music video were filmed as a commitment to both French and English-speaking audiences looking for their next hype song.

LeBlanc’s latest release, “Long Weekend,” is a 12-song double EP divided equally between English and French songs. Building on the success of LeBlanc’s first all-English album, ‘When It’s Right It’s Right,” the new EP is an artistic sonic expression communicated in two languages that didn’t come easy. “It was challenging to switch back and forth from French to English in the writing process and even more in the studio recording my vocals,” says LeBlanc.

LeBlanc has dazzled audiences across the Maritimes and Quebec for over a decade as an award-winning Francophone artist. Jumping from one official language to the other was a challenge that has paid dividends and drives LeBlanc to push his art further into uncharted waters.


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