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Nashville Recording Artist Jessica Lynne's Name Change

Nashville Recording Artist Jessica Lynne changes her name after 10 years in the industry.

After 10 years of operating under the name, Jessica Lynne has decided to celebrate her anniversary with a name change. Starting summer 2020 she will be changing her artist name to Jessica Lynne Witty. This change comes at a time where many musical artists are making changes due to some of the recent political movements. Jessica Lynne’s name change however, is of a different variety.

Since 2014 there has been some confusion in the industry, with another artist on the east coast also promoting herself under the name Jessica Lynn.

“When I started out in 2010, I did a lot of research to make sure there wasn’t already another Jessica Lynne out there” says Jessica, “it’s a very common name, so I couldn’t believe my luck.” She settled on Jessica Lynne at the time, excluding her true last name Witty for simplification. Her luck was short-lived. In 2014 the other Jessica Lynn hit the market and there was confusion from day one. It only intensified as the years went on and as Jessica Lynne Witty now puts it “it was causing too much confusion in the industry, something had to give.”

Even though Jessica Lynne Witty is within legal rights to pursue the trademark “Jessica Lynne” she has decided not to take legal action. “It came down to the question, do I want to spend my time suing people, or do I want to make music? And I want to make music. So, I’m ending the confusion once and for all.”

Rolling out her new name in July and August 2020 her upcoming Nashville recording “It Made Me Me” will be released under her new name and marking the end of one era and the beginning of another. Jessica Lynne Witty chose to add her actual last name to the brand, explaining: “My fans will still be able to find me if they search for Jessica Lynne. Adding my last name to the brand is different enough that it sets me apart but close enough that the ones who already know me will be able to find me. Since it’s my actual name, I still feel like it stays true to who I am.”

“I’m in good company” says the now Jessica Lynne Witty, “with many artists going through the same changes, albeit for different reasons. But artists like Lady A and The Chicks changing their names, they paved the way, which in turn has made it easier for me to make the change.”

Jessica Lynne Witty may have added a name but her brand and the spirit of her music will remain the same.

Paige Gregory


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