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Multi Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter Kristy Cox Releases New Single 'Good Morning Moon'

Multi-award-winning singer-songwriter, Kristy Cox, is excited to release her third single, “Good Morning Moon” from her Billy Blue Records album release, Shades of Blue.

This is the Australian native’s seventh album with Grammy nominated producer Jerry Salley. “Good Morning Moon” was co-written by Salley and Laura Leigh Jones. The five-time Golden Guitar Winner says: "'Good Morning Moon' would have to be one of my favourite songs on the album. It’s a fun, up-tempo bluegrass song about refusing to spend all day missing the one you lost. The melody is infectious and stays in my head all day long. I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to record this track."

An accompanying video for "Good Morning Moon”, produced and directed by Steve Kinney, debuted along with the single. This video features the bluegrass beauty questioning why the Moon is still out once the sun comes up when it should be resting. "I appreciate you hanging out with me last night my friend … We made it through another lonely night somehow … But this ‘ol heartache needs some daylight every now and then … So, what are you still doing here just hanging around? Good Morning Moon. Why are you still shining with the sun so bright … weren’t you up all night?” “Working with Kristy continues to be one of the greatest honours of my career. Her undeniable vocal style and recognizable sound sets her apart from other female vocalists in our beloved genre. She is not only extremely talented, but she is also the hardest working artist I have ever worked with.” – Jerry Salley

Kristy is also eligible for second round IBMA voting in the categories of Song of the Year - "Person of the Year" New Artist of the Year; Collaborative Recording of the Year with label mate Marty Raybon; and Female Vocalist of the Year.

Kristy will also return home to Australia later in the year to perform at Groundwater Music Festival on QLD’s Gold Coast.


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