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Mule Kick Productions Launches Mule Kick Records

By Pati deVries.

Releases to Include Rosie Flores, Side Pony - featuring

Caitlin Cannon & Alice Wallace, Desert Hollow

MKP Currently in Production with Palomania - a Documentary about California Country's Outpost The Palomino Club

The pandemic was a fruitful period for Mule Kick Productions. Formed by musicians/producers KP Hawthorn (The HawtThorns,) and Adrienne Isom (NOCONA,) MKP was created in order to make the documentary Palomania, scheduled for 2022 release. The film documents the history of The Palomino Club of North Hollywood from 1949 to 1995. It tells the untold story of California Country music. Isom and Hawthorn were part of the team that re-opened The Palomino Club in 2018 for a fundraiser for The Valley Relics Museum.

Along the way, the team found it necessary to set up distribution for music that would be used in the film as well as for artists who were part of the niche scene of The Palomino Club and its legacy. Mule Kick Records first signing was the Los Angeles band NOCONA. Their critically lauded Americana release, Los Dos, was released in July 2020.

Another wildly anticipated release is Nashville duo Side Pony, featuring Americana sweethearts Alice Wallaceand Caitlin Cannon. Their group’s first single, “Lucky Break,” was produced by Doug Lancio and will be released digitally on April 16th. Lancio is on board to produce the Side Pony’s debut full-length, scheduled for October 2021 release. Alice Wallace played her part in the re-opening of The Palomino Club by being the first artist to grace its stage in 23 years, regaling the audience with Linda Ronstadt’s “Long, Long Time.”

Mule Kick Records is also excited about the signing of the new folk duo Desert Hollow featuring Xander Hitzig and Nicole Olney. Xander comes from the West Virginia countryside and Nicole from the California desert. Both influences are prominent on their debut EP, “Thirsty.” Flaunting a Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris-like confidence in their delivery, one is pulled back through the decades in a time machine made of stringed instruments only to land in present day Los Angeles’ Alt-Country scene. The bands first single, “Thirsty” was released in March with the follow-up, “I Can’t Wait For Summer” to hit April 9th. The complete EP will be available on all platforms, May 14th.

Releases by songstress/guitarist Rosie Flores and Americana duo The HawtThorns are also in the pipeline for Summer 2021. Mule Kick Productions remains stalwart in its mission: To preserve the extraordinary history that California and The Palomino Club had on Country and Roots music and to share the untold stories through the last generation of Palomino artists. The legacy that remains exists in many artists in the Alt-Country/Roots/Americana scene today.


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