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Minnesota Singer-Songwriter Jon Arthur Schmidt Releases Most Potent Work To Date

Jon Arthur Schmidt is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and recording artist currently based in the Minneapolis area. Born and raised in the rural farming community of New Germany, MN, his unique sound resonates with the tones and colours of the Midwest, and stems from his traditional folk roots. Jon’s songwriting contains a penetrating quality, weaving together compelling melodies that espouse the stories being told, which are often honest portraits of his life, while creating a sonic bridge between classic and modern forms of musical expression.

Early in 2020 Jon entered the studio with a renewed focus and desire to harness a more organic approach to the recording process that would accentuate his raw artistry, leading to the completion of his latest album “From the Marrow” in 2021.

Recorded at The Library studio in the heart of the Arts District in NE Minneapolis beside longstanding producer Matt Patrick, this record is due to be his most potent work to date. In asking Jon about his decision to partner with Matt he stated, “I was taken by the warm, eclectic space and inviting atmosphere at The Library. I felt from the outset that Matt understood the direction I wanted to go, and his production style allowed the songs to breathe in their most natural form. My songs found a home there.”

The album is lush with sounds inspired by Schmidt and Patrick’s diverse musical palette.


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