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Minnesota-Based Singer-Songwriter Skarlett Woods Releases Sophomore Album 'Letters To The West'

By Stevie Connor.

Born poor, in rural Minnesota Skarlett Woods is the middle of three children who grew up surrounded by a loving supportive family tucked in the northern woods with rock n’roll, show-tunes, pop and film scores as her musical landscape.

Skarlett Woods new sophomore album “Letters To The West” is simultaneously filled with despair and hope. A concept album of stories and philosophical pondering's from adventures out west and living in western society. It speaks to the times of today and the times of the past while being emerged in a love story of what it means to be human.

Throughout her life Skarlett has held an eye for social justice issues- giving voice to the voices that are rarely heard or seen. Nor has she ever been shy about living on the fringes of society. She moved out west for 15 years- stocking up on adventures such as working on a commercial crabbing boat vessel off the Oregon Coast, bicycling 6,000 miles across America, and building two tiny houses- one of which she lived in for 5 years without running water.

The Pandemic brought Skarlett back to Minnesota and she hit the ground running, averaging nearly 200 shows in this past year while simultaneously recording and producing along side Minneapolis’s producer/songwriter Kevin Bowe.

Skarlett received winning placements in Duluth’s Dylan Fest Songwriting Contest in 2022 and in 2023 for her songs, “Close To You (Braver These Days)” and “Me, I, Me, Me”. She was also named “Peoples Choice Award” at Wussow’s Songwriting Contest in 2023 and has garnered a reputation throughout Minnesota as being a stellar performer as well as holding a unique singing and songwriting style that brings a distinctive sound from the array of life experiences and places she’s lived- hailed as a “worthy successor to the likes of James Taylor, Joan Baez or His Bobness.” - Dave Franklin (Dancing About Architecture).

Heart-felt, unafraid and honest to the core, Skarlett’s style lives somewhere between Blue-eye Soul, Folk and Americana with a hint of hope.



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