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Minneapolis Folk Rockers Fathom Lane Return With 'In The Driftless' Their First Album Since 2017

By Stevie Connor.

Led by acclaimed songwriter Michael Ferrier, Minneapolis folk rockers Fathom Lane return with their first album since 2017. In The Driftless is a poetic and nuanced blend of country, folk, pop, and rock with lyrics exploring themes of loss, isolation, addiction, discovery, and ultimately: redemption. Ferrier’s songs transport listeners across a variety of musical settings ranging from the open spaces of the Midwestern prairies, to the dark solitude of a hidden bedroom.

The record also features imaginative covers of songs by the legendary Tom Petty (“You & Me”), and Minnesota transplant country rocker Mary Cutrufello (“Sad Songs & Waltzes Revisited”).

Led by Ferrier on acoustic guitar and vocals, Fathom Lane also features a cast of fellow artists. Ashleigh Still haunts with her breathtaking harmonies and keys, producer and singer Matt Patrick layers in electric guitars and anything else necessary, Shane Akers breaks hearts with his lap steel guitar, bassist Paul Boblett lays a groove built for a melodic approach, and drummer Alex Young sets the tone for exploration.

In The Driftless builds on the success of Fathom Lane’s previous record Asilomar, delving even more deeply into their signature cinematic blend of folk noir and country rock. Ferrier’s lyrics take the listener on an inner journey of discovery, suggestive of shared dreaming and relationships found and lost. How do we tell love from obsession? How do we relate from vast distances? How do we survive these times? How do we find ourselves again after loss?



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