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Melbourne Indie-Folk Singer-Songwriter Katankin Has Released A New Single 'In A New Way'


Katankin has released an exquisite, nuanced and beautiful song, In A New Way, the first from a forthcoming EP.

Katankin is the solo moniker of Melbourne indie-folk singer-songwriter and producer, Helen Catanchin.

Born of Russian and Romanian migrant parents, and with a difficult, often harrowing family history, Katankin’s music is nevertheless an ode and testament to love, faith, and ultimately, hope.With her achingly pure and expressive voice, and poetic writing rich with imagery, she unflinchingly plumbs the darkest depths of the human condition – wading through despair, loathing, fear, rage, and revenge, and then soaring to its greatest, sun-drenched heights.

Following a degree in jazz voice, a Masters of Music, and many years performing as a jazz singer, Katankin was born from Helen’s need to forge a more personally authentic and self-determined musical path.  As a phonetic spelling of her Russian surname, Katankin further symbolises the acceptance and embrace of one’s true self. 

Katankin released her self-produced debut EP “The quiet shimmer of the world” in December 2022, which has already attracted extensive national radio airplay, was nominated for “Best Folk Work 2023” by Music Victoria, and is now available on vinyl, CD, and all digital platforms.

Katankin - In A New Way



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