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Acclaimed Nova Scotia Musicians Rachel Davis & Darren McMullen Have Released Their Debut Duo Album

Rachel Davis and Darren McMullen

After years of honing their craft as members of the acclaimed group Còig, Rachel Davis and Darren McMullen are stepping into the spotlight with their highly anticipated debut duo album, Home. Recorded with award-winning songwriter, musician, and producer Dave Gunning, Home is Rachel and Darren’s long-imagined, and much-anticipated, duo album. Highlighting the pair’s outstanding musicianship and vocals, Home mixes traditional tunes and songs with original co-writes and signature classics.

From the gentle but commanding riff that opens “River and the Road”, written by Scottish songwriting royalty Archie Fisher, to the infectious energy of Laurence Gowan’s 1993 hit “Dancing on My Own Ground”, to a cherished staple from their live performances, “We Remember You Well”, penned by their friend and Cape Breton Music Hall of Fame inductee Buddy MacDonald. The songs on Home couldn’t be a better fit for Rachel and Darren’s voices and musical sensibilities.

"We've always dreamed of recording a duo album," says Rachel Davis. "The pandemic gave us the opportunity to finally bring that dream to life, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with the world."

Continuing with the theme of Home, the celebrated Cape Breton duo have partnered with Big Spruce Brewing to create a special beer inspired by their debut album.

Rachel Davis & Darren McMullen
Rachel Davis and Darren McMullen - Organic Beer

Crafted to complement the rich melodies and heartfelt lyrics of Home, the collaborative beer embodies the spirit of adventure and creativity that defines Rachel and Darren's music. Aptly named "Made To Be Played", the beer is a tribute to seizing opportunities and embracing the unexpected moments that shape our lives.

The inspiration behind "Made To Be Played" stems from the duo's song of the same name, which tells the true story of a 1929 Gibsons Tenor banjo gifted to them by Pam Wells and her family. The song serves as a reminder of the power of serendipity and the profound impact that small decisions can have on our journey.

Home released May 3, 2024, with "River and the Road" serving as the album's lead single and video. Fans can expect an unforgettable listening experience that captures the essence of Rachel Davis and Darren McMullen's extraordinary talent and boundless creativity.

“Made To Be Played” - Organic Hazy Session IPA beer will be available for a limited time through Big Spruce Brewing, offering fans a unique opportunity to experience the essence of Rachel Davis & Darren McMullen's music in a new and refreshing way.

Rachel Davis and Darren McMullen - Home



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