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Melbourne-Based Cush Ryder Signs With Country Rocks Records And Drops Single 'Ride Me'

Country Rocks Records is pleased to welcome Cush Ryder to its label roster.

Cush’s love of music started at a very early age. After picking up a guitar, something clicked and his passion for entertaining people was born.

“Ride Me” is first single to be released under his new deal with Country Rocks Records. Cush says, the song was written after seeing the rodeo bull riders at the Deni Ute Muster

back in 2018.

“Tough men who rode hard, but then played harder at night once the band started playing”, he says.

"I wrote this on a banjo that I took to the muster, but the song developed into a full blown country rock song. Once we added some good old Fender Telecaster guitars into the mix, the song really took off”.

“Ride Me” is a song about bull riding and Saturday nights, and everything that goes on in between. It’s a high-energy invitation to keep the party alive.

“Playing the song live gives me a similar rush. Its always a crowd favourite that gets them jumping and singing along, which is what any artist wants to hear from the crowd – its just pure energy”.

Cush Ryder is a singer-songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia. His love of music started at a very young age with varied influences steering him on a path to rock, blues, soul and anything in between.

After picking up the guitar, something finally clicked. To play great music and entertain people from all over the world (or just anyone that would listen) was what he wanted to do - it was the dream, it was HIS dream - and so he set out to do just that.

What started out as a 6 month trip just to go and see a bit of the world, ended up being 17 years playing tin bars, pubs and music festivals from New York to Rio de Janeiro, and old Buenos Aires, including two years aboard the cruise ships sailing throughout the Caribbean, bar hopping, some might call it.

Now back in his hometown of Melbourne, Cush is playing to the far and away small town pubs as a solo artist, and also looking forward to recording some new songs this summer, with the new full band.


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