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Lucie Hendry Intertwines Scottish Roots With Nordic Jazz Influences On Her Debut Neo-Folk Album

Scottish lever harpist Lucie Hendry is set to release her debut album Land of Eden on Friday 16th June.

A refreshing interpretation of Scottish folk music with Nordic jazz influences, the record sheds a new light on the impressive versatility of the lever harp, with up-beat tempos, unexpected rhythms and layers of musical texture.

Lucie has always been inspired by musicians who fuse and defy genres, such as Kate Bush, Afro Celt Sound System and the late Martyn Bennett, and since moving to Esbjerg, Denmark in 2020, the Aberdeenshire-born musician has engaged with the many genres of the Nordic music scene.

Observing new possibilities within music, and being exposed to a variety of styles, from jazz and jazz-rock to pop and indie-fusion, Lucie has incorporated various elements into her own folk music, demonstrating the genre-bending capabilities of her chosen instrument.

Joining Lucie on Land of Eden are Denmark-based jazz musicians Dennis Iversen on electric guitar and Christoffer Skovhus on drums, both of whom have added their own flair to the record.

Lucie Hendry explained: “All 10 tracks on the album are my own, but I wanted to give Dennis and Christoffer some creative freedom when it came to their role in the music, so as to capture the authenticity and communication between each musician. I provided them with an outline of rhythms, chords and the overall vibe I wanted each track to have, but encouraged them to bring their own style to the music.

“Dennis’ guitar solos and pedal choices, for example, are his own. I feel that capturing those spontaneous musical moments and individual reactions to specific points in the recording process is what makes creating in the studio together so special.”

Having grown up in the rural countryside of Aberdeenshire, Lucie has always had a deep appreciation for land and nature, which she channels into her music. Land of Eden reflects her concerns, with themes of environmentalism prevalent throughout.

Fractured, the first track on the album, shares the artist’s view that the environment is broken in parts and in need of attention and repair, while Song of Surrender is Lucie’s personal admission of her past mistakes and failure to respond, at times, to the growing environmental crises around her.

The final track, A Time Gone By, A Time Will Come looks towards new seasons and reminds the listener that there will always be opportunities to make better choices in the future. Overall, the album is one of hope, with the title casting a vision to a restored environment where mankind can live harmoniously, both with nature and one another.

Lucie added: “I see art and music as an invaluable tool to educate, empower and give hope to people. This album is my way of sharing my beliefs, showing my love for the environment, and encouraging a lifestyle which works towards a better world and society.

“I don’t feel I can be a musician who creates music for the sake of creating music. For me, there needs to be a deeper driving force or motivation behind my work. I believe Land of Eden marks the start of a new musical journey, which will hopefully see my work resonate with listeners on a deeper level.”

As a soloist, Lucie has toured the UK, gigged across Europe and, in 2021, was a finalist for the BBC Radio Scotland’s Young Traditional Musician of the Year. She is set to tour her new material across Denmark this summer, beginning with Godtfolk Festival on Friday 16th June, marking the official release of her album. Lucie also has shows scheduled at Copenhagen Jazz Festival on Tuesday 4th July and Aarhus Jazz Festival on Tuesday 11th July.

Lucie will be touring Scotland later in the year, with dates confirmed at Gathering South Sessions in Glasgow on Sunday 22nd October, Skye Bridge Studios on Friday 27th October and the Sunart Centre in Strontian on Saturday 28th October.

Land of Eden was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Schjødt Worm at FinlandStudio near Aarhus, Denmark.

The record will be available to buy on CD and to stream and download on all major digital platforms on Friday 16th June 2023.


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