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Land and Salt Drive Home The Earthiness of Their Title

Land and Salt drive home the earthiness of their title, being motivated to offer up truth through the age-old craft of song. They describe themselves as songwriters who use the “tools of their journey” - blending traditional gospel, folk, blues and soul along the way. After an early career in the British folk and acoustic scene, husband and wife Charlie and Marie have come together with two very distinct sounds and the motivation of authenticity. Fingerpicking blues and folk style guitar blended with Marie's soulful, driving voice has created a succinct, heartfelt power to their work. A raw open sound that could very well transport you to that very room.

They are well rooted in the old sounds of great musicians such as Reverend Gary Davies, Rosetta Tharpe, Davey Graham, Bert Jansch, Sandy Denny and Aretha Franklin. 

"Gospel, Blues and Folk music has always been the telling of people's hearts and lives, to share with other's our journey, our hope and our Faith - the question is not 'Why do we play?', the question is' How can we not?" 

Here Come The Gospel Folk is the first full length album by Land and Salt since their first EP - Salve in 2019. Self-produced and recorded by the duo in an old dis-used village hall in rural England. It is raw and real in it’s delivery, but still arranged with precision, much rooted in the groove of bygone days when blues, folk and especially old gospel would lift up a life well lived and a lesson learnt. And these truthful elements have been brought together to make a whole new sound.

"We have penned what is real and true in our lives; of how frailty and sorrow can be transformed into endurance and hope, with a little faith. Those are the times you only realise you survived, when you look back - brokenness is where these songs come from and strength is what they have become."

The album sees a change in the pace of their earlier songs and definitely packs more blues and rhythm. The resulting music comes from a place of deep faith and thankfulness and identifies with the heart of every person who has ever loved, or been loved. The album takes the listener through an array of sound from double bass, raw acoustic fingerpicking, to a compelling amped-up guitar steeped in warmth, but always rooted in Marie's soul driven vocal. All arranging and playing is entirely by multi-instrumentalist Charlie but with collaboration from drummer James Brabner, which reunited the three musicians after a 16 year break from touring together. This album draws beauty from the past, into an authentic atmosphere and sound - bold songs that hold you in tension and relief.

Here Come The Gospel Folk will be released October 31st.

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