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Indie Music Iconoclast Blake Morgan drops New Video - A Love Letter To New York City

Native New Yorker Blake Morgan re-teams with genre-bending filmmaker Alice Teeple for his new music video “My Love Is Waiting”–– a love letter to New York City shot on location and inspired by iconic films like William Friedkin’s The French Connection and Jules Dassin’s The Naked City.

“It’s classic, old-school New York cinema mixed with rock and roll,” says Morgan. “We wanted a modern-day music video crossed with Walter Hill’s The Warriors, full of energy, and full of hope. There are only two characters in it –– me, and New York.”

Shot entirely on location at Coney Island and on the New York City subway, this is the second video Morgan and Teeple have collaborated on –– their previous collaboration for his single “Down Below Or Up Above” has turned into a social-media sensation. “I’ve never had such a reaction to anything –– seriously, anything –– I’ve done before,” explains Morgan. “Our chemistry and Alice’s artistry brought a whole new dimension to that song. The press and fan reaction to it has honestly altered my career arc. So needless to say, we wanted to work together again.”

In contrast to the dark, 1940’s Hollywood-era noir aura of the first video, “My Love Is Waiting” was shot in daylight to reflect the brazenly hopeful love song it accompanies. “We wanted motion, propulsion––just like the song itself has. We also wanted to keep to the aesthetic of the whole record, as we did with the first video: one of classic cinema, where you’re not quite sure what decade this video was shot in. Alice and I both live and breathe that stuff. It’s why we have such a short-hand vocabulary when working together.”

The new music video for “My Love Is Waiting” released March 3rd, 2022 can be viewed below.


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