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Hannyta Releases Her Most Ambitious Track To Date On International Women's Day

With more than 50K Spotify streams and three international iTunes hits in just 4 months, (including a Top 5 in South Africa and a Top 50 in UK!) 17-year-old singer-songwriter Hannyta's music career is off to a remarkable start.

The electro-pop starlet with folk tendencies is also lighting up airwaves on both sides of the Atlantic. Her first two singles, "Wildflower" and "Make It Through The Night" have received plenty of press around the globe, making Hannyta one of the hottest young artists to come out of Scotland in decades.

On March 8th, International Women's Day, Hannyta is releasing her most ambitious track to date, the aptly titled "17." Written by the husband and wife team of Donna Nolan Wilson and Greg Wilson, "17" was a perfect fit for the youthful artist, both in lyric and style. The empowering theme of the song will resonate as a young women's anthem.

To put a twist on things, Hannyta and her producer recorded three versions of the single: a country-flavoured "radio edit;" a Gypsy Kings-inspired remix; and an EDM "Boombox" remix.

Hannyta is a young, independent singer-songwriter based in the UK. She studies singing, dancing, playing the piano and loves experimenting with all aspects of music production. Quite recently she attended an audition with a local music producer who helped her form Hannyta Music Ltd in London. Without much hesitation she was also signed up with a music publishing company in Brooklyn, New York. Her original debut single, Wildflower, has reached #5 on the iTunes Pop Songs Chart in South Africa!



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