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Glasgow-Based Singer-Songwriter Maria Quinn Set To Release Debut Solo Album 'Closure'

Talented singer-songwriter and pianist Maria Quinn is set to release her innovative debut solo album Closure on Friday 9th June 2023.

Born in Southport and now based in Glasgow, Maria has been making music for a lifetime and writing songs for over a decade, drawing inspiration from jazz, folk and classical music, and from artists such as Joni Mitchell, Randy Newman and Nick Drake. Maria’s sound has been compared to the legendary Molly Drake by her peers, with her lyrics inspired by a love of poetry and her unique outlook on life.

The songs on Closure are based on memories and experiences, from Maria’s childhood up to the present day, and they shift in focus between different perspectives – a dark, hidden world on one hand and the side which is apparent to people on the other.

Maria Quinn said: “I’ve drawn on a huge range of influences for my debut release. I was brought up on Chopin and Debussy and later studied jazz piano, and these textures and extended harmonies often crop up in my playing and can be heard throughout this album. Closure is eclectic and unique – musically and lyrically, the songs are distinctive and each offers a completely different viewpoint of the world.

“There are moments of hope and joy weaving throughout the work. The Gate is a simple meditation on the opening, holding and closing of a farm gate. The album’s final number Tomorrow’s Kindling is a celebration of gratitude and contentment and it reflects the happy place I find myself in now. I find it fascinating that we can learn so much about ourselves by writing songs.”

Maria’s distinctive vocals and jazz-informed piano playing are complemented by a host of esteemed musicians, including a string quartet led by Seonaid Aitken with Patsy Reid, Katrina Lee and Alice Allen. Nordic multi-instrumentalist Gustaf Ljunggren provides banjo, mandolin and various wind instruments, with Chris Bradley on trumpet, Louis Abbot on percussion, Euan Burton on bass, Joanne Donaldson on clarinet, Ross Donaldson on french horn, Lesley Woodbrooks on violin, and Louise Black on flute.

Maria undertook an online songwriting course in 2021 led by legendary songwriters Findlay Napier and Boo Hewerdine, which shaped the album as we hear it today. Boo has described Closure as ‘a record that fizzes with invention.’

Maria explained: “During a one-to-one session with Boo towards the end of the course, he asked to hear some demos I’d been working on. I played him a song called Malcolm Brings the Milk and he said it was completely different from anything he’d heard before, and suggested that I record an album of my own music. I had been toying with the idea of making a record for a while, but Boo gave me the confidence I needed to make it happen.”

The majority of Closure was recorded by Angus Lyon at Gran’s House studio in Biggar, with the string quartet, bass and percussion recorded at GloWorm Studio in Glasgow. Gustaf Ljunggren recorded his contributions at his own studio in Copenhagen.

Maria will play The Old Hairdresser’s in Glasgow on Friday 15th September 2023 to celebrate the release of Closure, accompanied by a host of talented musicians.





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