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Edmonton's Kane Incognito Release a Hit With Summer Anthem 'Eyes Wide Open'

Hailing from the stark, prairie metropolis of Edmonton, Alberta, Kane Incognito is the dynamic brainchild of lead singer/songwriter Eric Kane Cherrington.

A deep, spine-chilling blend of folk and rock is delivered from the magnetic four piece Canadian band, Kane Incognito. Driven behind unyielding passion and heart-felt energy, this is a sound unlike any other. Powerful vocals raise hairs and leave listeners breathless. Dynamic instrumentals leave bodies feeling amazingly invigorated. It’s a compelling sound that, upon delivery, is best described as a shockwave right into the depths of your soul.

After the loss of a brother, Eric Kane Cherrington had nowhere else to turn to but his love of music. It was through this creative outlet that he pushed forth enduring circumstances and developed a sound of his own. Formerly a drummer in his brother’s band, No Heat Tomorrow, Eric fervently stepped into his brother’s footsteps to carry on a family spirit while sharing his own heart from behind the microphone.

With a strong family bond amidst talented musicians, it was only right for his two cousins, Austin and Braydon Shaw to join the movement. Very artistic and highly technical on the bass, Austin adds catchy lines that effortlessly bring motion into the bodies of all listeners. Braydon further picks up the energy while keeping the beat alive from behind the drums; both brothers deliver harmonic backup vocals as well. A childhood friend, once roommate, and practically family to Eric himself, it was only right for Stephen Schoenthaler to enhance the sound with his leads on the guitar.

Hours spent meticulously honing in on professionalism and creativity, Kane Incognito delivers absolute masterpieces in sound and energy that cannot be explained, only otherwise experienced. This is a band that shows not only what true heart means, but showcases astounding development of something that is simply magnificent. Within the sound, there’s an element that speaks deep within the listener, who ultimately becomes a part of something more. An unmatched bond between the music and those who bear its witness; there is uplifting power from the words entering into other lives. This isn’t just a sound, it is truly, a heart-felt movement that captures all who listen.

The Kane Incognito movement has begun.


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