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Edinburgh-Based Roots, Rock and Blues Singer Liz Jones Releases Her New Album 'Bounty'

A long awaited creative collection by Liz Jones features her best writing, clearest vocal and most honest songs so far. 'Bounty' begins with selfish, psychedelic dreams and greed and ends in the tremble of grief. On the way you will be bitterly accused, thanked and invited to waltz around romantic memories.

Soaked in the sounds of classic instruments layered around an acoustic guitar and still it doesn’t sound like anyone else. Jones’ voice and song writing are instinctively individual. Not polished, her first experimental project remains gritty and rootsy and she continues to ignore constraints of genre. Vocally, it’s her finest recorded work. The clarity and tone of her un-stylized voice is fully exposed, centre stage. A contemporary tone touches certain tracks as you hear players given freedom to make their own mark on a full pallet of subject matter and moods. The energy that such quality musicians have put into this record speaks for itself.

‘Bounty’ was made with musical partner and producer Jennifer Clark. Recorded & produced through 2020-2022 the album has been layered by 10 physically separated musicians, built from the starting point of simple voice, acoustic guitar and songs that mean something.

“The way we approached this album was to send spacious solo recordings out to great musicians with the option of ‘play what you like on what you want’, which has resulted in a full, rounded and varied record!”

Songwriter Liz Jones, originally from South London & Cumbria, has landed a creative base in Edinburgh working beside celebrated & internationally toured musicians on her original music. A singer also in the roots rock & blues worlds, most known for a hybrid soothing and raucous “voice that could wake the dead".

Wry, idiosyncratic, often challenging and personal lyrics fuelled by sexuality, atheism and a ‘peace & love’ hippy spirit, performed in a, ‘whichever way the wind blows’ style. Jones has been bizarrely compared vocally to both Dusty Springfield and Janis Joplin! Several new releases are expected in 2022, after the first single ‘Mother Earth’, debuted on BBC Radio Scotland.


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