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Eagle & Hawk Move Up The Canadian and US Charts

For more than 20 years, Canadian band Eagle & Hawk have brought their blend of roots rock to audiences across North America and Europe and have released many multi award winning tracks and albums.

Winnipeg-based guitarist, Vince Fontaine founded Eagle & Hawk with former CFL all-star, Troy Westwood in 1995. Within two years, the band began touring overseas in Europe, and after two decades they are still pouring out the hits with their latest single ' Great Divide ' having hit the charts on Sirius XM's Indigenous Music Countdown

When the Canadian Indigenous alt-rock band, wrote this track, they had conversations about the many societal divides that exist in Canada and around the world from political and economic divides to environmental justice to access to clean drinking water, basic housing and gender equality. They talked about the deepening divide between those struggling daily just to survive to those living with enormous wealth. "We spoke at length about upholding human rights," says Eagle & Hawk guitarist and bandleader Vince Fontaine. "This is extremely important and personal to me as an Indigenous person as I continue to see many divides affecting Indigenous Peoples and communities."

"In the midst of protests unfolding around the world, we felt the time was now for this song to carry its message and speak to the Great Divide we are feeling.It is our hope that this song inspires further awareness and understanding.We are releasing this song and video as a reflection of our thoughts and feelings on the societal crisis unfolding before our eyes," Fontaine continued.

"In the final sentiment of the song, you'll hear the lyrics, 'got to stop the great divide, come a little closer'. We hope this track leaves you with the sentiment that the divide between us must not grow deeper. The work must be done together. We believe this work can start with a song or a conversation and move from relationships to communities to our interconnected global consciousness."

Eagle & Hawk are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, they bring energy, spirit, and commitment to the stage, they deliver catchy and infectious songs that draw in a wide demographic of Indigenous and non-Indigenous music fans. Their signature style of lyrics, hooks and melodies often peeks through the lens of Indigenous stories, voices and imagery earning them recognition across Canada, and with more than 35 award wins and 75 nominations across North America, Eagle & Hawk have been a part of the country's musical fabric for more than 20 years.

With nine studio albums released since 1998, the band has performed across Europe, the United States and Canada with highlight career performances at New Orleans Jazz Fest, Summer Fest, Canada Day on Parliament Hill, Aboriginal Day Live, many Indigenous communities, performances with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and numerous televised appearances including the Indspire Awards (NAAA), APTN Main Stage , Canada AM and CBC The National and much more.

The band includes founding member Vince Fontaine (guitar), Jay Bodner (lead vocals, guitar), Lawrence Spatch Mulhall (bass), and Rich Reid (drums). Featured guests include Ray Coco Stevenson (traditional Indigenous vocals), Pamela Davis (vocals), and Neewa Mason (vocals).

Jane Puchniak


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